Quad Gun
Quad Gun, firing on an Apollo patrol overhead
Faction ConfederateLogoThumb Confederate Revolutionaries
Building Type Base Defence
Function Anti Air/Anti Infantry
Cost Unknown
Construction Time Unknown
Power 25
Constructs -
Dev. Status In game
Country of Origin  GreatBritainthumb United Kingdom
Recovered from  USAthumb Worn Lee Half-Tracks, All Around the States
Key Features  » Quad 20mm AA autocannons (belt fed)
 » Seemingly endless belts of ammo
 » Camouflage materials
 » "How to down modern aircraft", latest release
 » Nostalgic look

Tactical AnalysisEdit

  • Clear skies: The quadruple anti aircraft autocannons of the Quad Gun are simple but effective, capable of shredding any aircraft that dares to violate Confederate airspace. They pack more power than the guns of a Lee AA Half-Track, making them a better option for defending more permanent installations.
  • Breathing space: In addition, like their mobile counterparts, Quad Guns can cut down enemy infantry in a hail of bullets, allowing them to deny ground to enemy ground troops.
  • Coordinated defence: The Quad Gun is best used in conjunction with other base defences such as the Turret and the Camo Pillbox, as they help to compensate for its weaknesses, such as a lack of effectiveness against vehicles.
  • Right under their noses: Through a combination of supplied materials and some improvisation, Confederate personnel have been able to camouflage the Quad Gun similarly to the Camo Pillbox, allowing it to wait undetected until the enemy is in range.

Operational HistoryEdit

When the Soviets conquered German, French, and Spanish territory, they finally turned their eyes to the British Isles. The Soviets began readying Badger Bombers and MiG Fighters in newly constructed airbases to bomb the city of London and (hopefully) get the Allies to surrender. When the Allied Nations learned of this plan, they quickly prepared their Cutlass Ramjets and proud old Whippet Half-Tracks, as well as newly built Multigunner IFV MK 1s and Apollo Fighters, to defend the Isles at all costs. Mere days after the start of the Soviet attack, much of London had been wrecked by Badger bombs, and a frightening civilian casualty count had piled up. In a desperate attempt to shoot down more fighters and allow their own fighters to get up in the air without sending them on a suicide mission, engineers cannibalized the Whippets in order to build stronger AA platforms. These turrets were used until British radar was back online and hooked up to hastily constructed Multigunner Turrets, increasing their range dramatically.

With hundreds of Whippets in the Boneyard, Nevada, the Confederates quickly followed suit, after the start of the Second American Civil War, in order to protect their own bases and captured cities. Dallas is the best example of this, with constant attempts by Allied High Command to retake the city by air repeatedly foiled by the many Quad Guns manned by Confederate supporters and located throughout the city.

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