Pumpjack Tower
The Pumpjack Tower
Faction ConfederateLogoThumb Confederate Revolutionaries
Building Type Base Defence
Function Anti-Vehicle
Cost Unknown
Construction Time Unknown
Power Unknown
Ability Ground Pound
Stuns anything around it
Constructs -
Dev. Status In game
Country of Origin  USAthumb United States
Recovered from  Lone Star Mining and Drilling, Houston
Key Features  » Resonance hammer (800 pounds)
 » Stabilizer legs (x4)
 » Hydraulic pumps
 » Seismologic maps of the United States
 » Shockwave protection system (pillows)

Tactical AnalysisEdit

  • Pump it up: The Pumpjack Tower is an effective defensive structure capable of attacking multiple enemies at once by smashing its immense hammer in the ground, utilizing the shockwaves to create damage. Its area-of-effect damage works well against enemies attacking groupwise.
  • Heads Above the Surface: Submarines are especially vulnerable to the Pumpjack Tower as it attacks from below and damages even submerged units, which can thrown a strategy of remaining outside danger upside down.
  • Pound, Pound, Pound: If surrounded, the Tower can be made to smash its hammer into the ground destructively, creating a shockwave that stuns any unit around it and allows for reinforcements to arrive.
  • Don't Go Outside: As shockwaves only damage metal and not skin, the Pumpjack Tower is not very effective against infantry, and should be complemented with anti-infantry turrets to avoid being dismantled by an enemy infantry squad.

Outside Charlotte, North Carolina Edit

Sergeant Jessica Johnson was calm. Too calm. The routine of her and her squadmates' actions was becoming unnerving. Despite reports of a high rate of Confederate sympathisers in the area, which was the main reason for her squadron to reinforce the patrols of the area, they had not spotted any rebels since the skirmish three days ago. She didn't doubt that they were hiding in the shadows of trees and their modified GAP devices, but from what she had heard from veterans of other fights with the rebels she knew that they would usually counterattack in a day or two. Was the unpredictability of her enemies making it impossible to calculate a strategy? No, Jessica thought. Everything could be calculated. Some things just required more advanced calculations.

The summer of '69 was undoubtably hot, and the patrol required repeated returns to their field base to fetch water, especially for those who came from the more northern parts of the planet such as Sgt. Johnson, a native of Minnesota. The clocks they were all equipped with showed that it was time to go back and be replaced by another third of the garrison. On their way back, Jessica noted that the unassuming tower, an old attempt at oil drilling from what she had heard from the locals, sticking up from the tree tops started to move. Rather, its hammer started to move, with a`rustling sound.

Within seconds, the ground was shaking and her fellow soldiers were dropping like flies, unable to keep their balances, just like her. As if they were one, people equipped with home-made guns appeared from nowhere, standing up with ease as Sgt. Johnson struggled to grab her weapon and stand up. She glanced to her right, and saw one of the Rangers assisting with the patrols uncomfortably close to her, currently falling on its side on top of her. Suddenly she didn't see it.

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