Pull Turret
AKoC Pull Turret
Faction ChinaLogoThumb Atomic Kingdom of China
Building Type Base Defence
Function Anti Air/Support
Cost Unknown
Construction Time Unknown
Power Consumption Unknown
Ability Unknown
Constructs -
Heroic Upgrade Unknown
Dev. Status Conceptual
Country of Origin  RoyalChinathumb China
Made by  Great Wall Duplicator Facilities
Key Features  » Tractor Beam
 » Clone gunner (Actually cloned from AA gunner)
 » Mark for every Twinblade downed
 » Lack of upgrade capability
 » Jade qiang (Protection from mutated birds)

Tactical AnalysisEdit

  • Falling Skies: The Pull Turret is the heavier brother of the Tractor Emplacement. Made to take down larger aircraft like the Soviet Kirov or the Allied Century, the turret is heavily armored to withstand potential enemy assault.
  • Get Over Here: As an added bonus, the turret can also traverse it's weapon towards the ground. This allows it to drag enemies into predetermined ambush sites of kill boxes, where they can be separated from the main enemy force and eliminated by other turrets and Kingdom forces. On it's own, however, this cannot kill ground forces.
  • We Can't Push Them Back: Despite these bonuses, the turret suffers from a long recharge time and the lack of damage to surface units. There are also fears that the enemy might have aircraft even too heavy for the Pull Turret, but that's just ridiculous.


Taking down enemy fighter craft or helicopters are fine for a while, but eventually they'll get sick of losing their small birds and bring in the real heavy aircraft. Century bombers and Kirovs flattening entire bases, new Allied X-Planes swooping in to kill anything, and the rumors of other super-heavy aircraft from around the world. The Atomic Kingdom wouldn't stand idly by and let this happen. They would fight them with their tractor beams.

Scaling up the tractor emplacement, the new Pull Turret design is made to combat the enemy when they try to bring in their heavier aircraft. The lift of the aircraft battling with the pull of the tractor beam shakes the plane to pieces, vital components falling off in parts and pieces, until the entire aircraft is a collection of broken parts in a green beam.

Interestingly, during yet another pitched battle at the Great Wall, one of the nobles found a new use for the beam. Seeing the mechanical creations march to purposefully avoid certain area, he ordered his compliment of cloned AA gunners to force their beams downward, straight through certain defensive emplacements. The clones, confused and a little scared by this change to the program, needed to be beaten to get the point across. The plan worked, robot soldiers and tanks drawn in and destroyed by other turrets. The noble officer was awarded for his quick thinking and creativity in making a solution. From now on, clone gunners of these positions would be taught to be able to fire on surface targets as well as aircraft.

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