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Psionic Decimator
Psionic Decimator Ready
A fully charged Psionic Decimator on standby.
Faction EmpireLogoThumb Empire of the Rising Sun
Building Type Offensive Superweapon
Function Strategic EMP/Pilot Snipe
Cost $2500
Construction Time 0:20
Power 150
Ability Unleash Psionic Wave
Damages structures and sets EMP, kills infantry and empties vehicles
Constructs None
Dev. Status Original RA3 Building

Tactical AnalysisEdit

  • Mental Omega: The Psionic Decimator is the Imperial Superweapon, capable of its own unique brand of destruction; it unleashes a wave of psionic energy that can kill infantry instantly.
  • Mindstorm: Not only that, but the wave of psionic energy, while not destroying vehicles outright, is capable of penetrating vehicles and killing the crews within, while leaving the vehicles themselves intact and open for taking.
  • Blackout: Additionally, while not outright killing them, it is capable of knocking out the personnel inside buildings, effectively shutting a base's structures down until the personnel regain conciousness. This however means that the Psionic Decimator isn't nearly as destructive against bases as other superweapons are.
  • Matter over Mind: Like all superweapons, the Psionic Decimator is defenceless, expensive, and takes some time to charge up.

WWIII Operational HistoryEdit

The Psionic Decimator is the Imperial offensive superweapon. The central structure features chambers for 6 Psychics, supposedly clones of Yuriko Omega, although this is so far denied by the Shogunate. Through concentration, the device collects the psionic energies of the subjects it holds to unleash their force in a massive explosion, destroying anything near the hypocenter.

While the Psionic Decimator is recharging, it must be protected, but when it is ready, a bright glow, raised equipment and rotating "umbrella" will signify that it is fully charged. However, due to the resources needed, as well as security reasons, only one Psionic Decimator can be built at a time.

Post War Operational HistoryEdit


It is noted that the psychics in the Decimator are almost assured to go into psychic burnout if they are forced to feed the device too often. While the previous Shogunate had little concern for what happened to its psychics, as long as they destroyed things, the spread of psychic application and study around the world, along with more psychics in the Imperial military, has led Japanese scientists to modify the Decimator itself; instead of collecting enough energy for a telekinetic wave, the weapon fires a purely mental blast.

Although this has reduced the number of burnout cases, it has also virtually removed the physical power of each blast. Instead of shattering walls, the psionic blast now merely causes everyone inside a building to black out, leaving the structure defenceless.

Soldiers in the field and vehicle crews fare worse, however; without thick enough steel/concrete/wood/canvas walls to dampen it, the wave is capable of instantly overloading a person's brain, killing them in the process. A vehicle chassis itselve is unharmed however, which allows Imperial soldiers to make off with their enemy's units after a psionic wave has killed the crew. Some Imperial officials and commanders actually see this as a bonus; in their eyes, capturing vehicles is preferable to simply destroying them.

Just the StatsEdit

Psionic Decimator

Ultimate Weapon
Cost 2500
Build Time 0:20
Health 250
Power -150
Armour Type Paper
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