Propaganda War
Faction SovietLogoThumb Soviet Union
Function Support Power
Brief Bombers drop propaganda material in the area that inspire Soviet troops in the area of effect while destroying the morale of the enemy.

Propaganda is as old as warfare itself, the Soviet Union however took it to a new dimension entirely. Since its early beginnings the propaganda machine had an important part in holding the state together. Altering the perceived reality by altering the information input has some of the most interesting results: Peasants from ethnicies seemingly secluded signing up for armed service overjoyed. Tired citizens building tanks from scraps in a day. Supposedly lost battles being won. All by the power of propaganda infused morale. Usually Soviet infantry formations contain one or more comissars with or without an Alkonost Walker. But there are of course situation where this might not be the case and this final boost of morale is needed. For this case special cargo Badger bombers are reserved to be loaded with propaganda material, which is then airdropped over the infantry. Said material usually takes the form of lots of colorful leaflets in both Russian and English, and during the Stalin era food supplies as well (over hostile troops, the food was usually a local cuisine that had been poisoned) In the modern times this practise was mostly replaced by the deployment of small parachuted tape-fed speakers that will constantly spread the word of the glorious Soviet Union.

Propaganda Contention An area is littered with propaganda leaflets that buff friendlies in the area and debuff enemies.
Propaganda Battle The area is showered in propaganda leaflets that buff friendlies and debuff enemies. Additionally, friendly units will break suppression.
IconSoviet Propaganda War The area is blanketed in propaganda leaflets and propaganda speakers. Friendlies will be heavily buffed while enemies will be heavily debuffed. All friendly units will gain the fearless tag and all vehicles will gain the unstoppable tag.
Soviet Union Red Army

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