Propaganda Centre
Faction None
Minor Faction(s) RedChinaLogoThumb Red China
Building Type Omni-Production Structure
Function Constructs Communist Chinese Forces
Cost N/A
Construction Time N/A
Power 0
Constructs Armageddon Cannon, Battlemaster Tank, Dragon Tank, Gatling Crawler, Overlord Tank, Red Guard, Siege Guard
Dev. Status Conceptual


Before the BombsEdit

Communist Propaganda Centres, as they have come to be known, once served many more functions than the mere distribution of propaganda, or the military purposes they are now used for.

During the Civil War, when the Red Chinese came to liberate an inhabited area from the clutches of the Blue Chinese, one of the things they would usually do would be to erect or requisition a structure for their own purposes. Often built with labour conscripted from the local populace, these structures would house a military garrison and later on, Red Chinese officials.

Over time, these structures came to be the symbol of Red Chinese authority in an area, and they grew to serve many more purposes than just housing for troops. These structures came to serve in all sorts of functions, from distributing propaganda leaflets to administration, and as the war progressed and the hour grew ever darker, military training camps and armouries.

The communist government took steps to improve these structures as their purposes became ever more geared for war, even as they continued to be used for other purposes, and over time gained such upgrades like encrypted communication equipment, structural reinforcements and underground shelters. And as list after list of improvement was implemented, the Propaganda Centres grew in size.

These structures eventually gained the name they are now universally known by when Mao began the so called "re-education" of the youths of entire villages, marching off young boys and girls to these Propaganda Centres all over the countryside, to be indoctrinated (some would say brainwashed) with Nationalistic fervour, and to be drilled in ways of war so that they could be sent off to meet the National Revolutionary Army's battle lines, another wave of human sacrifices to be thrown at the enemy.

After the BombsEdit

Now that the bombs have fallen, however, there are few civilian communities for these structures to cater to anymore. The hardening of these structures against attack (a precaution taken when the Red Chinese started to use them as training camps) made these structures safer shelters than most, and a good number of these Propaganda Centres survived when the bombs fell.

In a post apocalyptic China, the radio equipment of these structures allows them to function as radio beacons, broadcasting messages across the countryside, calling out to what few Red Chinese forces that are left. When the roaming, scattered warbands that are the remnants of the People's Liberation Army gather to do battle, it is more often than not at one of these structures. The officers and commanders of the People's Liberation Army have taken to using these structures as command posts, as with their radios, stocked armouries and training facilities, they are better than nothing.

Red Guard Siege GuardBattlemaster Tank
Dragon Tank Overlord TankGatling Crawler
Armageddon Cannon NoneNone
None NoneNone

People's Liberation Army

Paradox-Exclusive Mini-Faction.

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Support Vehicles Gatling CrawlerArmageddon Cannon
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