Potassium K-Round Module
Faction ProtectorateLogoThumb Electrical Protectorate
Cost Unknown
Production Time Unknown
Function Increases damage the nearer to the target
Brief Ignites unit with Potassium
Dev. Status Conceptual

Potassium. Symbol K, element number 19 of the periodic table. Potassium. Reacts horrifically violently upon contact with water. Potassium. Able to ignite in air, causing painful, often fatal burns to those affected. Potassium. No human would ever be cruel enough to choose such a weapon if there were alternatives available.

The Protectorate are not human.

This module has specially designed nanites which hollow the shells fired from the vehicle it is equipped to, and fill it with fine, powdery potassium in a vacuum, then resealing it. Upon firing this shell, once it hits an object, the shell is breached, sucking in air and igniting the potassium in a large blinding flame.

Besides from the tactical advantage a tortuously painful weapon would have on their enemies, the Protectorate chose potassium for another benefit; upon reaction with water, potassium creates a powerful reaction, as seen below:

2K + 2H2O ----> 2KOH + H2

This reaction produces a powerful alkali, burning the flesh of any sea animals (such as dolphins), and a burst of hydrogen gas - along with the exothermic heat required to ignite the hydrogen - one of the most powerful explosives known per volume. This explosion breaches submarine hulls with frightening efficiency, sinking them with ease.

This design is not without flaws, however; the Protectorate unfortunately induce a minute magnetic field within their body, inducing a slight charge on the shell casing. As the shell goes further, more potassium is inducted and attracted to the shell walls as an increasingly solid lump - a much less reactive lump, resulting in a smaller blast. In effect, to maximize the efficiency of this module, you must get close - a often critical error for the armour-free Protectorate.

Electrical Protectorate Infinite Army

Paradox-Exclusive Faction.

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