Point Defense Drones
Faction EmpireLogoThumb.png Empire of the Rising Sun
Function Defensive Power
Brief Give your vehicles a robotic extended warranty.

As anyone who has been to the Empire's capital city of Tokyo can attest, the Empire's robotics program is decades ahead of anything the Allies or Soviets could create. Where the Allies only have radio controlled drones, and the Soviets use brainwaves to program their creations, the Empire's advances with artificial intelligences and independent processors has meant that all a robot might need is periodic maintenance. Yet these same visitors report stacks of drones near vital government and civilian structures like hospitals and police stations. Veterans of WWIII remember these drones as a constant headache.

The Point Defense Drone system is a robot designed to do one task; protect its "target" from harm. Using some of the fastest processors in the Empire, these drones can almost instantly calculate the trajectory of a round, time to impact, and how many drones will be needed to prevent damage. While able to defend against most weapon systems, weapons like the 120mm Drakon cannons on an Apocalypse tank will use up all the drones in one blast. But anyone on the battlefield knows one more second is invaluable.

60px Point Defense Drones A group of drones are deployed to protect a group of vehicles until they are destroyed.
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