Phobia Drone
SU PhobiaDrone
Faction SovietLogoThumb Soviet Union
Unit Type Drone
Designation Anti Tank
Production Building Drone Kennel
Secondary Ability Burrow
Cost Unknown
Production Time Unknown
Heroic Upgrade N/A
Dev. Status Conceptual
Country of Origin  UkrainianSSRthumb Ukrainian SSR
Manufactured at  Kazminov Design Bureau, Kiev
Key Features  » Titanium-plated claws for combat and burrowing
 » "Phobos" rapid deployment system
 » Honeycomb titanium chassis
 » Compact mine form
 » Superiority complex


- Phobia Drone

Tactical Analysis Edit

  • A Fitting Name: The Phobia Drone is a constant fear of anyone fighting the Soviets. When burrowed, there is almost no traceable sign of it until it springs the attack.
  • Fear Us: Like their smaller cousins, the Terror Drones, Phobia Drones dismantle enemy vehicles from the inside. However, unlike their cousins, Phobia Drones have more armour, allowing them to survive more hits before being destroyed.
  • Pick Up the Pace: The Phobia Drone is not geared for flanking ambushes like the Terror Drone is. Its comparatively low speed forces it to rely on burrowing to catch the enemy unawares.
  • Why Try Harder: Phobia Drones are mechanical constructs, and few attempts have been made to use them in any other capacity. They very rarely survive first contact with the enemy, and as such, no proposals for in-field upgrades have been made.

Background Edit

The following audio recording was recovered from a destroyed Phobia Drone. No sensitive information has been found in it, and as such, it has been deemed safe for declassification and release to the public.

(0:01-5:00: Machine noises, speculated to be the interior of a Soviet Drone Kennel)

(5:00-13:00: Noises stop. Skittering sounds, mostly likely the Phobia Drone moving. Skittering stops. Silence, save for ambient noises matching with the southern Vietnam forest where the drone was recovered)

(13:00: Rumbling, identified as the engine of a passing Hammer Tank.)

(13:05-14:15: Footsteps. A male voice, speaking in thickly-accented Russian, relays coded orders to the Phobia)

(14:15-45:42: More skittering, occasional bird call)

(45:43: Shoveling noises, silence)

(45:44-1:21:07: Occasional weapons fire, severely muffled. Several voices can be heard, but nothing coherent can be made out)

(1:21:08-1:21:56: Silence)

(1:21:57-1:23:00: Footsteps. Voices can be heard, but do not become coherent until 12:23:13)

Voice identified as Javelin Trooper David Rosetti: "...just saying, you're kinda garbage."

Voice identified as Peacekeeper Jonathan Gables: "I just wanna get out, because this is making me super-uncomfortable, and not in my comfort zone at all."

Rosetti: "You're just... your comfort zone?"

Gables: "Because, it's like-"

Rosetti: "Your comfort zone."

Gables: "You know, fighting these guys, they look like-"

Rosetti: "Do you need your blankie to fight these guys?"

Gables: "Dude, that wasn't funny the first time. Stop sayin' I'm a baby, it's scary!"

Rosetti: "'Cuz you're a little-(Muted by nearby bird call)-! You're like, 'Ah, I'm so scared, of the friggin'-"

(1:23:41: Muffled noise. Loud skittering)

Rosetti: "GAH!"

Gables: "Holy- what is that!?"

Rosetti: "SHOOT IT! SHOOT IT!"

(1:23:47: Several gunshots)

(1:23:48: Wet thud, choking noises)

(1:23:49: Gunshot, Recording stops)

Behind the Scenes Edit

Development & Status Edit

The Phobia Drone has been modelled by Harkwell.

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