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This wiki is a fan-made backup for the Paradox Mod Wiki.

I learned that their Wiki was down one day, so I decided to backup some of the pages I could find.

If the mod's leaders - Sketch or Ferris, want this to be taken down, I won't hesitate to do so.

The lore of the site leads to some good reads, which I love to spend my time on. I hope you all do too. The official wiki's main page is displayed below.

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Recent News

Keep in mind! April 27th, 2016

Many, many units have voice scripts already written for them on the Suggestions page... some of them are even canon! If anyone is looking to contribute, but would rather not write their own content, moving the more complete scripts to their respective pages would help tremendously. Now, not all of those quotes are actually decent... so don't feel obligated to transcribe some of the cringier stuff. Also, a few of the canon voice scripts may be a little bare: if you choose to add some lines of your own, make sure the CANON quotes are italicised.

In addition, we should consider adding short italicised blurbs to the top of the quote boxes which describe general age, personality, tone, inflection, regional accent, and whatever other quips and quirks that make each unit unique. The trick here is communicating our ideas in a more or less standardised way... but I think conventions like that will develop themselves over time.

One more thing before I forget: Paradox uses European spelling. If you catch yourself typing like a cowboy, just change some of those Z's to S'es. No biggie.

- Dentedhelm

Future TechReference April 21st, 2016

Some basic information of what exactly is going on here:

When the backup wiki was put up, several images were lost, links were busted, that kind of thing. Many of you have worked on that, so good job!

The most ambitious (and/or controversial) thing at the moment is adding

Quote boxes at the bottom of unit pages. Canon RA3 units feature full dialogue, and some Paradox units like the Beagle or the Riot Agent have some quotes already written by team Paradox. However, the vast majority of units have no script. Giving these units a voice should be done under a fan fiction banner with the understanding that what you write is open to public revision.

At the time of this writing, Allied infantry-- sans the Rocketeer-- have mostly complete quote boxes for anyone interested in referencing. Simply copy the section in the Source editor and paste it in another article to add a Quote section. A Quote template is on the way.

Again, if anyone wants those sections removed, just say the word.

- Dentedhelm

Lost, But Not Forgotten! April 21st, 2016

Paradox may not be developing, but that's no excuse to let the lore die! The world Infinity Realms developed is intricate and full of potential. Now incompletely housed on the backup wiki, it's our jobs as fans to make sure the articles are complete and the discussion is flowing. This isn't the Echoes Production Wiki; if you choose to tweak something, it should be unobtrusive and/or supportive.

Naturally, Sketch, R3ven, or Ferris have the final say on anything we do. Their word is God, and we stand ready to take down whatever we put up if they so will it. Additionally, we should ensure that whatever we do is seamless and up to snuff to the great examples set before us.

- Dentedhelm

Historic News

Featured article

The building could not be found on any map. No record existed of its construction. No roads lead to it, and no spy satellite or aircraft could see it. This was no PAWI trick. Neither attack dogs nor burst drones could spot it with their keen senses, natural and artificial. An atomic bomb could not harm it. Not even the most sensitive sonic technologies could eavesdrop on it. The trick was that the building didn't technically exist in the local time frame. A chrono generator rested in the basement, projecting the entire building and the road leading to it a half-second into the future. Camelot, its builders called it. A place of peace, order, and hope. A place that did not, and probably could not, exist.

The perfect meeting place, then, for a conference on the impossible.

Read the rest of this article here.

Featured media

AKoC Sea Hawk

The engineers say they have a plasma accretion device ready for installation. They're very enthusiastic about it, but I am not. The process is difficult to initiate and difficult to sustain. While it does generate awesome amounts of power, it is also even more unstable than our standard atomic reactors... no mean qualification. Worse, it takes a significant jolt from an exterior power source to initiate and sustain the process, and while a plasma accretion device can provide tremendous power - a net gain, in fact - transmitting the power is another matter entirely. An electroplasma system, the engineers call it. EPS. Snaking conduits out of the accretion core serve as channels for the electroplasma, bringing tremendous amounts of energy everywhere they touch. But the system is delicate. Nudge it too much and you'll get microbreaches in the conduits that will handily fry anything small they power - like a bridge officer's console - and the person working at that console. This is a serious safety concern.

Read the rest of this article here.

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