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This wiki is a fan-made backup for the Paradox Mod Wiki.

I learned that their Wiki was down one day, so I decided to backup some of the pages I could find.

If the mod's leaders - Sketch or Ferris, want this to be taken down, I won't hesitate to do so.

The lore of the site leads to some good reads, which I love to spend my time on. I hope you all do too. The official wiki's main page is displayed below.

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Recent News

Keep in mind April 27th, 2016

Man units have voice scripts already written for them on the Suggestions page, some of which are canon. Moving better-written scripts to their respective pages would help tremendously. If you choose to add some lines of your own, make sure the CANON quotes are italicised.

In addition, we should consider adding short italicised notes to the top of the quote boxes which describe the general features of each unit, such as age, personality, or accent.

As a reminder, Paradox uses UK spelling conventions.

- Dentedhelm

Future Reference April 21st, 2016

Some basic information of what exactly is going on here:

When the backup wiki was founded, several images were lost, links were broken, and so on thing. Many of you have worked on that, so good job!

The most ambitious project currently is adding quote boxes to the bottom of unit pages. Canon RA3 units feature full dialogue, and some Paradox units like the Beagle or the Riot Agent have quotes already written by team Paradox. However, the vast majority of units have no script. Giving these units a voice should be done under a fan fiction banner with the understanding that what you write is open to revision.

At the time of this writing, most Allied infantry have complete quote boxes for reference. Simply copy the section in the Source editor and paste it in another article to add a quote section. A quote template is on the way.

- Dentedhelm

Lost, But Not Forgotten! April 21st, 2016

Paradox may not be developing, but the setting remains intricate and full of potential. The stewardship of the lore on the backup wiki is now our responsibility. This isn't the Echoes Production Wiki; if you choose to tweak or add something, it should be unobtrusive and/or supportive.

Naturally, original authors like Sketch, R3ven, or Ferris have the final say on anything we do. Their word remains god, and we should be ready to take down content at their request. Whatever we do should be seamless and up to the standards of the wiki.

- Dentedhelm

Historic News

Thats All Folks! Febuary 5th, 2014
Paradox has officially ceased development. I personally have been overcome by the encouragement of our fans for all of our future projects. This will not be the end of the Wiki, which will stay up into the forseeable future.

Paradox has officially ceased development. I personally have been overcome by the encouragement of our fans for all of our future projects. This will not be the end of the Wiki, which will stay up into the forseeable future. You guys are amazing

-Beau "Protroid"

Featured article

March 21, 1973: A yakuza employee in the joint venture with the Syndicate accidentally links his private virtual world to Oni. Oni aggressively attacks and assimilates the yakuza's mind. Still hooked up to the Syndicate machine, Oni is able to extend its virtual control to the body itself. Oni copies itself and downloads the copy into the body.

October, 1973: The Digital Revolution begins. FutureTech AIs and computers spread like wildfire throughout the first world.

January 1, 1974: A spy drone of the Electrical Protectorate the size of a flea breaches a secure lab in Tokyo.

January 26, 1974: The Treaty of Berlin is signed. After three years of devastating warfare and an estimated twelve million military dead alone, World War IV ends in a cease-fire. The Empire of the Rising Sun is pushed out of Alaska, the Kamchatka Peninsula, and New Guinea. The Allied Nations withdraw from North America. The Soviet Union retreats from Cuba. In the wake of the cease-fire, the United States of America, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Bahamas, Jamaica, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic establish a new global power bloc: the North American Federation.

February 3, 1974: Oni's vessel overpowers a Syndicate engineer and forces her to link to Oni. Her mind is assimilated and body becomes another vessel.

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Featured media

During the Second World War, both sides were struggling for air supremacy. They attempted to place fighters closer and closer to the front, without compromising their abilities. This line was broken in 1952 when the Soviets brought out the MiG-9, or, as it came to be known, the MiG Nine.

Read the rest of this article here.

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