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PAWI Array
Faction ConfederateLogoThumb Confederate Revolutionaries
Building Type Defensive Superweapon
Function Cloak Units
Cost $1500
Construction Time 1:00
Power 75
Ability PAWI Field
Hide units in target region
Constructs -
Dev. Status In Game


The PAWI Array is a defensive superweapon employed by the Rebels. Designed from rigging multiple PAWI Towers together around a captured Mirage Tank, the PAWI Array imbues a small area with a brief but powerful field of PAWI energies, leaving an imprint upon all units in the area and temporarily rendering them invisible. However, while the brief influx will leave units invisible for a while, the effect will not last and will eventually wear off, since nothing is sustaining the PAWI field that was created.

The PAWI Array actually came to exist by accident, not by expanding upon an old Allied defence. During the later years of the revolution, the rebels discovered that by increasing the energy of several PAWI Towers to near critical levels, it creates an influx of energy that would bounce off a captured old Allied satellite and onto a group of units of a commander's choice. Unfortunately, the original PAWI array could only create a PAWI field that could only last for less than a second. This hindered its military applications, but it was still viewed as a technological feat due to the fact that it was perfect invisibility and the unit affected could still interact with their surrounding area. It wasn't until The 3rd Assault Lander Corps were transporting a dozen Mirage Tanks (as mass Chronoshifting units had not come to happen yet because the Allies were in what they deemed as more important wars) that was just what the PAWI Array project needed. The 3rd was ambushed by a hidden group of patrol boats and destroyers, forcing them to relinquish their cargo. Instead of punching holes through rebel armour, the Confederate's clever engineers were able to use them to perfect their PAWI Array, which was now able to sustain its field for a much longer period of time.

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