Overcharged Capacitators
Faction SovietLogoThumb Soviet Union
Function Defensive Power
Brief Send your Tesla systems into overdrive and light up your enemies' lives..

Tesla technology is some of the most power-efficient in the world. Tesla, a man ages ahead of his time, devised the Tesla coil not as a weapon, but as a source of clean and free energy, sending power through the air to power any and every electrical device in range, without regard to cost or situation. The Soviets felt this was a perfectly communist principle, and did their best to secure Tesla's technology before his death, and the subsequent seizure of his designs by the United States.

Initial attempts at Tesla power did inadvertently lead to the creation of the Tesla coil as a weapon, due to the fact that the sheer power moving through the coil would destroy the coil's structure, and the coil technology in the Tesla trooper battlesuit would threaten to fry the man inside. If the commander of a Soviet force would ever order these safety measures removed, it would only be for a short time to either deal massive damage on the attack, or as a last-ditch measure to prevent a loss.

Overcharged Capacitors Tesla units in the area of effect gain a large damage boost at the cost of taking damage.
Overloaded Capacitors Tesla units in the area of effect gain a massive damage boost at the cost of taking damage.
60px Overwhelmed Capacitors Tesla units in the area of effect gain an enormous damage boost at the cost of taking damage.
Soviet Union Red Army

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