Normandy. The beaches often used for a relaxing summer vacation. But today it's the site of numerous soviet defenses all along the coast line. This was for the allied landings in order to take back Europe from the soviets and to eliminate to threat from soviet TU-24 Badger Strategic Bombers from crossing the English channel and executing bombing runs in the cities and the industry for the allied war effort. The landings were carried out in the early morning of June 6, 1967. The largest naval force the allies can scrape together for the operation. This was to be the largest naval invasion in the history of warfare. The operation had to be kept secret as best as possible from the soviets. The soviets know the allies were coming. But the burning question was where and when. Soviet recon planes scan the cliffs of dover and every inch of the English channel, but find nothing. The order is soon given for the invasion and the fleet gets underway. Once they arrive, they immediately open fire on the defenses, storm the beaches and establish a beachhead on the Normandy beaches. The soviets tried to rush units to the defense of the beachhead, but the units failed to arrive and the allies were able to push inland and fight back the soviets. time will tell weather they can keep the momentum against the soviets.

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