No Barriers
Faction EmpireLogoThumb Empire of the Rising Sun
Function Support Power
Brief Use nanites to break down the barriers between you and your foes.

With the prevalence of nanomachines in Imperial society, it was inevitable that the Empire would find a creative use for their creations. While nanoscreen walls and disassembler towers are more "flashy" examples, a simpler take is just a slurry of nanites in electroconductive gel, dropped on the battlefield for one reason; to weaken the enemy's defences.

Though the method of dispersal is, as of now, unknown, the slurry is designed to weaken the structural integrity of an enemy's walls and gates, leaving their base vulnerable to the Empire's vehicles simply driving right through them into the main base. Though impressive, the limited lifetime of the nanites used means that, if the Imperial commander isn't quick enough, the nanites will simply freeze in the walls they were supposed to be eating, essentially repairing the walls to full strength again.

IconEmpire No Barriers A nanite slurry attacks enemy walls for X seconds.
No Obstacles A nanite slurry attacks enemy walls for X seconds.
IconEmpire No Stopping Us A nanite slurry attacks enemy walls for X seconds.
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