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Nanotech Mainframe
The Nanotech Mainframe
The Nanotech Mainframe
Faction EmpireLogoThumb Empire of the Rising Sun
Building Type Support Structure
Function Unlock technology
Cost $2000
Construction Time 0:20
Power 100
Constructs None
Dev. Status Original RA3 Building
Latest archive from a decrypted LIRA chatroom:

►► Vitalis has logged in.

►► Elchan has logged in.

►► BoxJellyfish has logged in.

►► Justus has logged in.

►► Mencius has logged in.

►► Achaicus has logged in.

Vitalis: is everyone here?

BoxJellyfish: I am.

Justus: here as well

Achaicus: yo soy

Elchan: Achaicus, where you from?

Achaicus: bogota, co

BoxJellyfish: Turn on your BabelSoft; we don't speak that here.

►► Achaicus has logged out.

Justus: you're being a little rude

Elchan: Yeah. Why make him log out so quickly? :-/

BoxJellyfish: ミネルヴァ's gonna drop some knowledge soon. He's in El Dorado; you can get BabelSofts from pretty much anywhere there.

BoxJellyfish: Anyway, as Achaicus has introduced himself, here goes. Perennial bookie, Venice. 30-40 something.

Justus: nickname gil / chemical engineer at furor, sv / 20-30

Vitalis: body cleaner, urbe celestia. not disclosing my age.

Elchan: :-) College student, Philippines. Young adult, 18-21.

►► Achaicus has logged in.

BoxJellyfish: Elchan, aren't you supposed to be plowing Arata-san's fields somewhere?

Elchan: Ah, Achaicus is back.

Elchan: Not when your family knows whose Imperial butts to kiss. ;-)

Elchan: I'm in this hi-tech flat in Parañaque. Landlord's got a sick Syndi compnet.

Vitalis: i envy you damn hard.

Achaicus: 20-27 / Tradesman of confectionary products / I've said my address already earlier

Elchan: Mind if I get some pixie dust, Achaicus?

BoxJellyfish: ミネルヴァ just called, his shift's gonna be over soon.

Justus: my device doesnt have those characters; can we call him Utamuro? as in the God of Plasma?

Elchan: My friend and I went as him and Mutsuko last Cosplay Day! :-3

Justus: dont share your utamuro/kyuichi fanfics here pls

Achaicus: What's up with kids and their Javanese batik costumes nowadays?

Vitalis: box, you said utamuro's coming. what's taking him so long?

►► ミネルヴァ has logged in.


Just the StatsEdit

Nanotech Mainframe

Tech Building
Cost 2000
Build Time 0:20
Health 250
Power -100
Armour Type Paper
Empire of the Rising Sun Defence Forces

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