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Function Support Power
Brief Imperial infantry become like demons on wheels.

One of the most popular imports into Japan since the war's end has been the motorcycle, popularised by the Harley-Davidson and Victory bikes owned by many American members of the Peacekeepers. The roar of the engines and look of the machines inspired Japanese inventor Soichiro Honda to design his own motorcycle. Already a powerful force through his zaibatsu, Honda Mecha Company, many were surprised that Honda would branch into such a low-tech venture. What these critics forgot was that Honda was a keen machinist from his earliest days, and with the blessing of Emperor Kamina, the Honda Ultra Cub69 has become the military scout bike of the ERSDF.

Designed for any terrain and to run for miles on only one gallon of gas, the easily produced Ultra Cub69 makes it easy for commanders to provide large groups of infantry with rugged and fast transport across the battlefield. Though easy targets for a heavily entrenched enemy, the motorized infantry of the ERSDF now can strike almost anywhere, the only warning the roar of their bikes.

IconEmpire Motorization A group of infantry are equipped with motorcycles.
Mechanization A group of infantry are equipped with motorcycles.
IconEmpire Mobile Infantry A group of infantry are equipped with motorcycles.
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