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Faction ConfederateLogoThumb Confederate Revolutionaries
Function Mining Power
Brief Land Denial

The Allies prefer not to use mines in war. Mines are too much trouble to place, too much hassle to recover, and if lost, are too dangerous to civilians for years to come. Millions have already been spent on mine-removal programs in former battlefields between the Soviets and Allies, and the Allied Nations are trying to negotiate treaties with all nations to give up the use of mines in war.

The Confederates, not being a proper nation, have no such qualms.

Aside from their already troubling use of the M-93 Ogre Minelayer, the Confederates have begun using a tactic that the Soviet Union first explored during WWII. Using high-capacity modified transports, the Soviets experimented with the concept of dropping highly visible landmines on an area, forcing the Allies to either clear them and lose valuable time and even resources, or blindly stumble into the minefield when under heavy Soviet attack. Though met with initial successes, the program utlimately didn't pack enough punch for many Soviet leaders, and all files were left to become covered in the dust of ages in the Soviet archives.

So imagine the surprise of one high ranking Soviet official when, on drinking his morning tea, he read about an Allied force in America that reported bombs being dropped from aircraft on to active battlefields, either denying the Allies a route of advance or forcing them into ambush positions that were already created by the Confederate forces. Aside from being the first time that the Soviet Union actually tried to go to an international court for "theft of intellectual property", the Allies had to face yet another dirty trick in the Confederate arsenals.

Minedrop Target a small patch of ground; a JU-52 will drop 14 mines on the targeted ground.
Blasting Ground Target a medium patch of ground; a JU-52 will drop 21 mines on the targeted ground.
60px Blow 'N' Go Target a large patch of ground; a JU-52 will drop 28 mines on the targeted ground.
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