Mediterranean Syndicate
The Mediterranean Syndicate Logo
Playstyle Information Warfare
Faction Colour Teal
Type Paradox Faction
Dev. Status Conceptualized

"The best things in life are free,
But you can give them to the birds and bees,
I want money
That's what I want"

- "Money (That's what I want)" by Barrett Strong, signed by Detroit-based Syndicate subsidiary Motortown Records

The Mediterranean Syndicate, or the Syndicate, is a new faction exclusive to Red Alert 3 Paradox, designed by theSniperDevil, then expanded upon by Open sketchbook, Kerensky287 and Ferriswheel42. The faction is made up of a conglomerate of defence corporations and contractors known for their shady involvement in sub-legal activities (hence a "Syndicate"). They are characterized by their heavy use of battlesuits and artillery units, which are well-suited to urban environments. Also their air units, consisting only of choppers, have unlimited ammo to compensate being only support to the infantry rather than direct action.

At a Glance[edit | edit source]

Faction Color Teal.
Playstyle Information warfare.
Preferred Theatre of Operations Urban environments.
Strengths Great infantry and battlesuits, extremely long ranges, superpowered economy, excellent buff/debuff options, good at stealing from enemy.
Weaknesses Thin armour, light vehicles, difficult to manage bases, terrible base razing abilities, less effective as enemies get closer, many abilities cost money.
Intended Players Players who enjoy base-building and Relic RTS games.

Background[edit | edit source]

"The only rule is the Golden Rule: He who has the Gold makes the Rules."

The Company[edit | edit source]

The logo of the Syndicate.

At first glance, it would seem that the organisation known as the Mediterranean Syndicate is nothing more than another multinational corporation based in Europe, notable only for its strange choice of names and its extensive donations to charities around the world; that, and an unusual obsession with ancient Greece and Rome. At the company headquarters in Rome and at its offices elsewhere, one can see neon lights and skyscrapers mingling with columns and frescoes of long dead heroes. However, though the Syndicate may appear to be nothing more than eccentric, underneath this carefully sculpted façade lie ancient secrets.

The company was first formed in the 1920s as the industrial age was coming to a climax, and a young man under the alias "Romulus" was seeking to share his inherited fortune. His goal was to create a group of security companies that worked and operated under one headquarters situated in Rome, Italy. At first, the idea was a success as many contractors were looking for a source of consistent research funding, though the 1930s hit them hard and fast.

Mediterranean Syndicate Diplomatic Relations
Faction Relationship
AlliedLogoThumb.png Allied Nations IconNeutral.png Neutral
ConfederateLogoThumb.png Confederate Revolutionaries IconPeace.png Peace
SovietLogoThumb.png Soviet Union IconHostile.png Hostile
EmpireLogoThumb.png Empire of the Rising Sun IconHostile.png Hostile
TalonLogoThumb.png Order of the Talon IconWar.png War
ChinaLogoThumb.png Atomic Kingdom of China IconWar.png War
SyndicateLogoThumb.png Mediterranean Syndicate N/A
IconUnknown.png Unknown

By 1932, the organisation had recovered from near bankruptcy, though their methods of acquiring the money were questioned. When an inquiry was made by the Italian Special Anti-Mafia General Attorney, the Syndicate cited that they were not to be held responsible for the actions of their clients. Numerous reports were filed regarding the aforementioned "clients", though all the cases fell through due to a lack of evidence (and possible forgery).

During the Second World War, the Syndicate attempted to sell their services to the Soviet Union and the Allied Nations, but was ultimately turned down by both because of their lack of high-powered weaponry. Through the next decade, the Syndicate began to buy out science and engineering companies in order to improve their technology. By 1960, they had become the world's largest military corporation, and unknown to the public, possessed some of the world's most dangerous weaponry.

What happened to Romulus since then has been a mystery. His alias has allowed him to become shrouded in complete secrecy. The top executives of the Syndicate are rarely mentioned and require heavy security to even exchange a few words with. The only legacy of his that remains is the fantastic Greco-Roman architecture that adorns every Syndicate structure, as he has an obsession for everything from the time of Ancient Rome and Greece.

The Technology[edit | edit source]

"A stronger employee is a better employee!"

- Syndicate Spokeswoman

In the 1960s, the Syndicate fought a marketing battle against another corporation - FutureTech - over who would provide their services to the Allies. They campaigned long and hard, but ultimately lost to the creators of such technologies as the cryobeam and S.H.R.I.N.K. ray. Though the official statement was that FutureTech, with its hard engineering and solid physics background, could simply deliver a better technological edge to the Allies, the truth was the Allied Nations were deeply disturbed by the Syndicate's eagerness to ignore morality and the rules of war to create their weaponry and equipment.

The Syndicate's greatest advance and most closely guarded secret, the integrated circuit, has advanced the Syndicate's electronics to a level unrivalled by any power until the Empire of the Rising Sun came out of isolation. Their computer technology is actually becoming one of their greatest financial assets; corporations and nations pay millions of dollars to have numbers crunched by the advanced computers of the Syndicate.

Computers permeate every level of Syndicate technology, from the massive server farms that track the global financial market, to the cyberdecks of the Syndicate's engineers and technicians, or the tiny micro-soft drives plugged directly into the nervous systems of Sprawl dwellers, enabling users to speak any language flawlessly.

As their computers get smaller and more advanced, the members of the Syndicate seem ever more eager to incorporate it into every element of life, including their own bodies. In the centres of many cities in the developing world one can find the newly risen skyscrapers, squat factories and techno-slums that the Syndicate call "Sprawls", where neon lights and digital monitors line the walls of the concrete caverns and smog from countless factories has darkened the sky.

Some Sprawls even find themselves under the cover of geodesic domes to protect from the merciless acid rains caused by the industrial excess. Everywhere is the touch of Syndicate technology, from electronics to bioengineering to cybernetics. These Sprawls are areas absolutely owned by the Syndicate, who simply buy up every building, street and alleyway for almost nothing and turn them into freewheeling centres of commerce away from prying eyes in which they may develop and manufacture everything from new lines of cars to computer systems to the world's most modern firearms. There, their word is law and money buys anything.

The Underworld; or, Extreme Takeover: Rome Edition[edit | edit source]

"You have no choice. You have owners. They own you. They own everything. They own all the important land. They own and control the corporations. They’ve long since bought and paid for the governments and the city halls; they've got the judges in their back pockets and they own all the big media companies, so they control just about all of the news and information you get to hear."

- Stand-up comedian George Carlin
Mediterranean Syndicate Minor Diplomatic Relations
Faction Relationship
ARVNLogoThumb.png Army of the Republic of Vietnam IconPeace.png Peace
ReserveLogoThumb.png Allied Reservists IconNeutral.png Neutral
BlueChinaLogoThumb.png National Revolutionary Army IconHostile.png Hostile
VietcongLogoThumb.png Vietcong IconNeutral.png Neutral
RedChinaLogoThumb.png Communist China IconNeutral.png Neutral
GLALogoThumb.png Global Liberation Army IconWar.png War
IntIncLogoThumb.png International Inc IconHostile.png Hostile
IconWar.png War

What is not immediately obvious about the Syndicate is their deep connections with the criminal elements of society all over the world. Throughout its history there have been many inquires and investigations, digging deep into the complex web of hundreds of companies that make up the Syndicate, but it has always been fruitless. The Syndicate is simply too big, covers too many areas, and often operates in the remote, lawless regions of the Earth.

To be sure, most law enforcement and intelligence agencies know that there is something off with the megacorporation, and more than a few of these agencies consider them to be a criminal organisation, if only they can get proof of it. The fact is, the Syndicate has its hooks in everything, every level of criminality all over the world. They are the ultimate mafia with the perfect front.

By far the most profitable areas of underground Syndicate activity is the drug trade and arms dealing. The Syndicate, in addition to controlling the conventional drug trade, have a wide variety of pharmaceutical companies that have turned themselves over to the manufacture of ever more potent and addicting synthetic drugs; Nuke, 'Slaught, Octagons, Spice, Dust; under a million names from a million alleyways the Syndicate has its stamp on the world.

Not only that, but they have hundreds of associated companies dedicated to the creation of tools of war for the lesser nations in their constant petty squabbles across the globe. They are where countless warlords get their weapons from, and the ones who provide the Confederates with the ammunition for their ancient guns.

Wherever life is taken, the Syndicate make a profit. Because of these shady deals, they are in constant rivalry with another arms dealer: International Inc, whose convoys and shipments of arms and civilian aid bearing their corporate logo tend to disappear in areas with strong Syndicate presence, causing great tension and reluctance for International Inc to deal with the Syndicate. Despite that, both organisations cooperate with each other, for unknown reasons.

Lately, though, the organisation has released many press reports dealing with the advancement of spacecraft and seem to have their eyes focused on the stars; for that is the future of the Syndicate, to provide the most advanced security systems on the planet, even if it means annihilating the competition.

Gameplay Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Build Mechanic[edit | edit source]

The Syndicate pays up-front for a structure over five seconds, then place the structure, which will build on its own over time in the Soviet style. However, once construction has started, the Syndicate can begin constructing another structure immediately, allowing them to quickly assemble a base. Every building projects a small build radius.

Resource Mechanic[edit | edit source]

The Headquarters produce trucks that can be sent out to ore nodes around the map, collecting resources for you.

Power Mechanic[edit | edit source]

The Syndicate use zero-point generators, which produce less power than most Power Plants but can be laid down in rows like walls.

Tier Mechanic[edit | edit source]

The Research Department projects tier levels as it is upgraded.

Upgrade Mechanic[edit | edit source]

The Research Department allow the researching of field upgrades. Field upgrades carry global improvements to certain units for a flat cost, and can be accessed under the Defences tab. The tier upgrade from 2 to 3 must be purchased at the Research Department.

Auras[edit | edit source]

Auras are radii generated by certain units that affect infantry and battlesuits. Each is basically a buff to the effectiveness of each unit.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Gyrojets: These weapons appear to be guns but instead of bullets they fire tiny fin-less rockets.

Railguns: Railguns are recoil heavy, maintenance intensive weapons that use high-powered magnets to propel long needles of hardened steel at hypersonic velocities. The anti-tank weapon acts like Natasha's sniper rifle, passing clean through each target onto the one behind. They tend to do less damage as they do not explode or leave much impact force, but they are deadly against massed enemies.

Development Progress[edit | edit source]

"How can one describe the authority of a Sprawl? It isn't police, for police are sworn to defend and protect, and the authority of the Sprawls do neither. But neither could one call it an army, for an army implies some solid, unchanging chain of command, of which the authority of any Sprawl is decidedly not under. Instead, authority is fluid and at once primitive and complex – tribal warfare where might makes right, where the chariots and spears are armored cars and railguns, where the caves are steel and concrete and the losers go into economic instead of physical slavery. Authority is invested in a hundred different groups who fight each other with fervent hatred, and yet will unite in defiance of outsiders. If anything could be described of such an authority, it would be that they are the apex predators in an urban jungle."

- Excerpt from a National Geographic presentation on Sprawls

The Mediterranean Syndicate are part of the fourth release of Red Alert 3 Paradox, coming out in the same package as the Protectorate faction. They have a total of 12 buildings, 7 defence structures, 9 upgrades and 45 units (9 infantry, 11 battlesuits, 9 vehicles, 6 aircraft, 10 watercraft).

Structures[edit | edit source]

Headquarters The Syndicate do not posses MCVs, so their headquarters structure cannot move. The Headquarters can be garrisoned by up to 8 troops, turning it into a fortress, but the troops cannot leave. The Headquarters is the drop-off point for ore collector trucks, and can build more as needed.
Zero-Point Generator These cheap, small generators are built similarly to walls. Each provides a small amount of power but can be built in long rows for very cheap.
Academy The Academy hires infantry units.
Hall of Heroes The Hall of Heroes constructs battlesuits, heavy infantry constructs which function as the Syndicate's heavy hitters.
Pharma Dispenser Heals all infantry in a radius to full health when activated. Costs money to use; you think medicine is free?
Vulcans Forge The Vulcan Factory constructs the fleet of Syndicate ground vehicles.
Aerodome The Aerodome constructs Syndicate air units.
Marina The Marina constructs the Syndicate fleet.
Black Market A structure dedicated to the generation of money and can build auxiliaries as a seperate build.
Research Department Researches upgrades and projects tech levels.
Digitech Aura Projector Any unit under the DigiTech Aura Projector's radius of effect gains huge bonuses to their aggressive, defensive and manoeuvring capacity, while enemy units are heavily effected in a negative fashion. The Projector can essentially ensure your victory in a single given battle, or pump your troops up for an assault.
IconSyndicate.png Weather Control Machine This Offensive Superweapon calls on the power of nature herself to destroy the enemy, lightning and gale-force winds tearing enemies apart. The attack radius of this weapon is massive, but its damage is less than that of the other faction's superweapons.

Defences[edit | edit source]

Company Housing A half finished building, the Company Housing blocks enemy units and artillery, and acts as the Syndicate equivalent of a wall. It also provides expansion radius, and can shelter your transport trucks in the event of an attack.
Mono-Wire Wall Almost invisible to the naked eye mono-wire walls do not prevent enemy movement but rather cut them apart as they move through. Infantry are immediately slain and vehicles take huge damage from this deadly wire, which is consumed by the action.
Acropolis These bunkers hold four men and cannot be cleared by normal garrison clearing mechanisms.
Gyro Turret These light turrets, little more than a gun on an automated mounting, fire at extremely long ranges with deadly accuracy. Like all Syndicate turrets it is completely unarmoured and thus very vulnerable to attack.
Railgun Turret These automated weapons are similar in most respects to the Gyro Turret but they are instead armed with a high-powered railgun for anti-vehicle work.
Missile Turret No airborne target can stand against the missile turret, which shares its weaknesses and strengths with the other Syndicate turrets.
Hacker Tower Every machine has electronics of some kind and the Hacker Tower is its downfall. Jamming signals prevent the enemy from firing while virus uploads prevent their movement, though only one signal may be projected at a time.
IconSyndicate.png Via Any unit, such as convoy trucks, travelling on a road is considerably sped up. Watch out, it works both ways!

Infantry[edit | edit source]

War Wolf Cybernetically altered packs of wolves are used by the Syndicate as guards, scouts, assassins and pets. Their steel jaws tear apart infantry, while their computer implanted minds can hack and disable vehicles, allowing them to slip past or disrupt the enemy battle-line.
Auxiliary Drug addicts recruited to serve as cannon fodder, these men and women charge enemy positions with machine pistols and pipe bombs. When faced with insurmountable obstacles, they can inject themselves with drugs that will make them temporarily invulnerable, with the side effect of killing them when the effects wear off.
Legionnaire Armed with high powered gyrojet rifles, Legionnaires do more damage the further away they are from the enemy. In addition to the rifle, they also have grenades that can knock-back, slow, and damage enemies.
Hoplite The Hoplite is a heavy infantry unit, armed with a long ranged railgun that can punch through multiple targets. Effective against armour, they can also inject themselves with adrenaline to increase their speed and rate of fire.
Certaman Providing anti-air coverage for Syndicate forces, the Certaman fires intelligent, A.I. controlled missiles at passing aircraft. They can also plant powerful anti-air mines that leap into the air and detonate when triggered. While garrisoned, the Certaman will employ a rapid fire projectile weapon.
Argonaut Men armed with explosive-tipped harpoon guns and oil slick charges, Argonauts wreak havoc against enemy boats, sea-based scouts and bases. They can wade slowly from the water to sneak attack enemy bases, but they are slow to move or fire on land. When their charges detonate, they not only damage the target but create a zone that kills enemy naval infantry and slows all ships. They are invisible on radar.
Immune With their augmented brains, Immunes can capture structures from a distance, though this takes several seconds longer than normal. They can also repair buildings and construct Obelisks which provide large lines of sight. When garrisoned, they can begin accumulating additional funds via various methods.
Helios Security These professional corporate security forces use non-lethal zero point energy to shunt, slow and damage enemies, or else freeze them entirely at short range. Lightly armoured and slowed by their weapon's considerable weight, Helios are excellent at keeping the enemy at arm's length where the long-ranged Syndicate are better equipped to deal with them.
Satyr Freed from any and all possible inhibitions by surgery, Satyrs are lethal infiltrators and assassins. Armed with monomolecular wire implants that allow them to casually slice apart infantry and light vehicles at close range, they can also employ spring loaded leg projections to leap huge distances with ease.
IconSyndicate.png Centurion Officers of Legion Security, Centurions employ high calibre sniper rifles that can blow apart infantry and light vehicles with a single shot, and also possess thermo-optic cloaks that can grant them temporary invisibility. Additionally, any infantry around them will slowly heal themselves.

Battlesuits[edit | edit source]

Battlesuits (for all intents and purposes, Cyborgs) are uber-infantry, which have the combined features of tanks and infantry. Battlesuits are uncrushable, and in fact some of the heavier ones can crush infantry. They receive damage like tanks, making them mostly immune to anti-infantry weapons but more vulnerable to anti-tank weapons. They can garrison structures as well. Battlesuits requiring controlling monitors which keep close tabs on these expensive assets; you are limited to eight battlesuits per control node. Like infantry they gain bonuses from Auras.

Praetorian Battlesuit These cyborg infantry are armed with a pair of oversized burst-fire pistols which are great against infantry. Their armour renders them resistant to small arms fire, allowing them to simply stride into structures and remove any hostile occupants.
Hercules Heavy Armour Armed with a high powered railgun, the Hercules is an anti-armour battlesuit. Capable of blasting tanks to scrap from long range, the Hercules also possesses exceptional mobility and the ability to leap great distances, thanks to its piston legs and jetpack.
Hector Suppression Armour Controlled by the brain, spine and upper torso of a drug addict, these machines are armed with heavy chain guns and sear gas launchers. By cutting off the soothing feeds of narcotics to the controlling wetware, a violent outburst can be induced, causing the Hector to charge forward, flipping over tanks and splattering enemies with its great strength. In normal movement the Hector can crush infantry.
Harpy Air-Mobile Armour Battlesuits designed to be capable of flight, Harpies use EMP rifles to shut down and damage vehicles, as well as temporarily take buildings offline. Switching to their flechette cannons gives them decent anti-aircraft power.
Titan Security Armour Slow and melee ranged, the Titan's armour allows it to absorb heavy impacts, while its steel fists shatter bronze and bone alike. With its secondary, the Titan can also slam a rocket propelled fist into a target outside of its range.
Mars Artillery Armour With somewhat lacklustre damage compared to other artillery, the Mars is also hampered by the fact that it must deploy to fire. On the other hand, its massive quad railguns can simply fire through obstacles as though they weren't there, and by cycling through the railguns a decent rate of fire can be maintained.
Spartan Battle Armour Controlled by a bare minimum of wetware, the mostly robotic Spartan sticks to rooftops and snipes targets with a 40mm canister cannon, capable of killing just about any unit.
Dryad Support Armour This battlesuit is equipped with medical devices to heal infantry and repair other battlesuits.
IconSyndicate.png Minerva Wicked fast and unnaturally skilled with her gyrojet rifle and underslung grenade launcher, Minerva is highly effective against infantry and buildings. Enemies that get past the hail of gyrojet rounds will have to face her monomolecular blades, built directly into her fingers. Unfortunately, Minerva lacks the ability to swim, a grave restriction to an otherwise incredible warrior.

Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Sisyphus Transport Truck The Sisyphus collects ore from faraway nodes, and can jump away from harm, though it loses the ore in the process.
Hydra The Tennier-Elmpool Hydra Scout AFV is an extremely quick AFV with a low profile, computer assisted aiming protocols and a brutal reputation as an urban combat vehicle. The Hydra's turret contains two independently operated automatic gyrojets on ball mounts, allowing the damaging of multiple targets at the same time. In between bursts the Hydra fires sear gas grenades, choking chemicals that burn at the throat and lungs stunning and immobilizing infantry targets, making them easy prey. By deactivating its weapons, the Hydra can project the DigiTech manoeuvring aura, which increases the speed of nearby units.
Testudo A heavy infantry carrier which can transport four men, the Testudo is well armoured, amphibious, and fairly nimble for a vehicle of its size. The infantry inside can fire their weapons out the front of the vehicle; though a limited arc, this gives the Syndicate a very powerful mobile vehicle to project their considerable offensive force. When not transporting troops, the Testudo can project the Digitech Defensive Aura, which increases the defences and overall health of nearby units, and can steal enemy turrets in this mode with it's forklift attachment. The Testudo is amphibious.
Talos The Talos AFV is light, mobile and armed with an extremely high-powered railgun, which will put a 6mm spike through the armour of multiple vehicles without stopping. While the lightly armoured design is not designed to withstand much damage, its extreme range compensates for this. By shutting down the electromagnets powering the railgun, power can be diverted to the projection of the Digitech aggressive aura, which increases weapon damage of receiving units.
Lamia The Lamia Launcher is a fairly heavy anti-aircraft platform which launches and controls a small swarm of intelligent missiles which it uses to down enemy fighters, bombers or helicopters. The missiles have minds of their own and controlling them can be difficult; missiles will attack all targets in the vicinity, not necessarily the one you targeted. Its secondary function is a pulsed electronic signal that disables all weapons, friend or foe, in the vicinity; this can save you from bombers or ground attack planes if well timed.
Colossus Armed with a pair of massive Gladius missiles, the Colossus is an effective and fairly fast artillery piece whose slow-moving missiles are uniquely deadly. Just before impact, the Gladius splits apart into hundreds of tiny monomolecular flechettes which slide through steel and flesh with no resistance. Lethal to infantry, they do much less damage to vehicles, but will slay the crew, allowing the vehicle to be taken over by infantry. Its secondary function detonates the missiles early, losing their damaging effect to vehicles but killing infantry in a huge radius. Despite its power the vehicle has many drawbacks; slow speed, a downright massive minimum range, and a tiny sight radius requiring the support of spotters to use its long range.
IconSyndicate.png Medusa A heavy duty convoy transport, the Medusa can carry three times the load of a regular Sisyphus. Additionally, its thick slabs of armour and huge wheels of the Medusa allow it to crush other vehicles with ease, while its massive zero-point energy gun freezes whole groups of targets to be crushed. It can also transport up to ten men, who can fire in limited firing arcs from the vehicle's sides.

Aircraft[edit | edit source]

Phoenix The anti-aircraft copter relies on its huge range to counteract its crippling lack of armour. Its enemy-seeking gyrojets strike rapidly, quickly knocking enemy craft from the air, but its lack of ability to shoot and move gives it a definite restriction against enemy craft. By activating its boosters, it can join a dogfight for a short amount of time, where its more effective flechette cannons give it more damage and splash. When it dies, gelled gasoline packets lining inside of the fighter detonate to prevent the technology falling enemy hands, turning the Phoenix into flaming bomb that affects anything it strikes, air or ground.
Chariot Transport These twin-rotor craft are highly effective at transporting groups of infantry through the air. Capable of carrying five men, it can also use its zero-point energy system, either to tow a friendly vehicle or to launch intelligent mines at enemies.
Fury Combat Drone A tiny spinning drone, it's unclear exactly how the Fury stays airborne. The array of blades, drills and claws lining its body makes it a great deal more clear how it damages enemies. Diving into the fuselage of enemy planes, it quickly tears them apart and then stands by for further orders. There is a chance that the Fury doesn't escape a downed aircraft, but such is the life for these unfortunate drones. The Fury can also bury itself into the ground, waiting like a mine for a passing aircraft before springing up into its underside. Unfortunately this tactic greatly decreases its chances of survival.
Mercury Uplink Copter A helicopter with numerous wireless communication suites installed, the Mercury can pick up one AURA producing unit broadcast its AURA to nearby air units giving them access to this AURA.
Alexander Private Jet Nothing says "class" quite like this extremely effective aircraft, and there is no better way for a trio of infantry to fly in style. The Alexander is incredibly fast and immune to most weapons due to its wide range of sensor disruptors and safety features; you can only harm it once it has touched down. There is no better way of ensuring a unit reaches its destination than the Alexander J-34 Private Jet, and that's a fact!
IconSyndicate.png Pegasus Combat Helicopter The strange spectacle of a three rotor combat helicopter is often the last sight of many enemies of the Syndicate; its huge payload of missiles, gyrojets, and mononet launchers boggle the mind about as much as they tear apart ground targets. Normally, it keeps the mononet in reserve for special targets, which can be designated by the commander.

Watercraft[edit | edit source]

Man O' War Portugese Man O' War jellyfish, sneakily cyberneticised and outfitted with brains in jars to obey the Syndicate. Those beasts emerge under their prey, animals and diving humans, when it's too late and rip them apart with their venomous tentacles. They are also armed with a gyrojet-based torpedo for long range attacks, though the reload time is quite long and after firing they have to stay emerged for a short time.
Neptune Speedboat Three torpedo launchers line the front of this rapid moving vessel, allowing it to tangle with enemy boats with surprising skill. To deter pursuers it can throw chaff charges out the back which slow enemy ships.
Scylla Speedboat The Scylla is a sea-based transport that can move up to six men extremely quickly over water. When on land, it becomes extremely fragile. It's armed with a flechette shotgun for self-defence against air and ground targets.
ILIAD Platform The Intelligent Linked-Interface Air Defence platform, or ILIAD, is a ship armed with an immense cyclic railgun array. The array cannot be self-directed; the ILIAD has a massive contingent of spotter drones below decks that attach onto a prospective target, providing any ILIAD in the combat zone with the opportunity to turn the target (and the drone) into ash.
Siren Sub This stealthed sub can smuggle vehicles into enemy territory, and has a special zero-point weapon which can pull ore collectors towards itself from a long range before breaking them open, stealing the cash and leaving them destroyed. It is very slow outside of water, however, and detonates spectacularly if destroyed on land.
Terramerene Gunboat The heaviest ship used by the Syndicate, the Terramerene is technically a converted merchant vessel with hidden guns. By activating its civilian mode, the Terramerene changes its appearance to resemble an enemy ship, before converting back to gunship mode and letting loose with its sea-based railguns!
Pluto Airmobile Submarine This heavy, tracking torpedo-armed "Submacopter" is notable for its built-in twin rotor system that can turn the submarine into a somewhat unusual flying machine. In the air, it uses its torpedoes to attack other aircraft as missiles, while dropping clusters of bomb mines onto unfortunate targets below.
IconSyndicate.png Cadmus Escort Carrier The Cadmus-Class was designed to support the fleet with both an early defence system and a heavy anti-air platform. They form a Point Defence Network with three Auxiliaries on jet-bikes to search and intercept hostiles, or divert power to convert the ship into a sea platform equipped with five remote controlled Spartoi drones. The Spartoi intercept enemy aircraft at a distance with flechette rocket pods, but due to low sight ranges, they need scouts to use the full attack range.

Mediterranean Syndicate Security Forces

Paradox-Exclusive Faction.

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