Means of Production
Faction SovietLogoThumb Soviet Union
Function Sabotage Power
Brief The enemy's production suddenly drops into oblivion, and the Union's workers suddenly find a new fire to their work ethic.

Despite what ACIN would have the people of the Allied Nations believe, the Soviet Union is far from being totally inept at espionage in the field; quite the opposite, in fact. Where ACIN agents have accidentally acquired a reputation for flash, dash, and a pinch of cash, Soviet operatives are generally much better at keeping themselves beneath notice.

Infiltrating Allied factories and warehouses behind the lines, these KGB and GRU agents are able to disguise their actions through their work ethic, Allied supervisors unable to distinguish the genuine infiltrators from the workers who are just doing their best to aid production. This allows the Soviet agents to make minor "adjustments" the the facilities they are in. Small levers are tampered with. Gears stripped to near-uselessness. Mostly, these are just seen as incidents of simple wear and tear. However, if machined and worn right, these acts can compound into a near-catastrophic effect on field SPAM units.

When ordered, these infiltrators can destroy enemy facilities almost utterly, funnelling supplies to their comrades across the lines, providing more material for the Soviet war effort. Coupled with a notice that the Allies were trying to top their production skills, and the Soviet workers behind the lines almost become superhuman in their efforts to prove that the Union's workers are the best in the world. This has the effect of almost making Soviet production times drop to nothing, while forcing Allied commanders to contend with a decrease in production facilities.

Means of Production An enemy factory is disabled for X seconds.
Means of Fabrication An enemy factory is disabled for X seconds.
60px Means of Creation An enemy factory is disabled for X seconds.
Soviet Union Red Army

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