Magnetic Singularity
Faction SovietLogoThumb Soviet Union
Function Support Power
Brief An area is engulfed in magnetic energy, drawing all enemy vehicles to the centre of the area. All infantry are killed.

With the success of the magnetic satellite program, the Soviet government invested more into their magnetic technology, trying to find more useful battlefield applications for the technology. While many attempts ended with the testing staff losing their glasses and pens, one had more drastic results. In an isolated field at the base of the Urals, a test was underway to try and suck infantry up into space, a group of prisoners from a nearby gulag seconded for the test and led to believe that they were going to be given a free air trip in exchange for a reduced sentence, from thirty to twenty years.

Watching from the safety of the testing facility, the technicians and scientists watched as the magnetic beam powered up. Then, one of the monitors started going haywire. A faulty wire in the test satellite had meant that the commands given to suck the infantry up were not what was going to happen. Watching in shock, the prisoners could only watch as their blood shot out of their mouths, eyes, everywhere, but that was only part of the shock. Vehicles across the testing range were sucked into the location, forcing the staff to halt the test. Reviewing their information, they realized that there was a better system to be found.

By firing a high-power magnetic beam at a specific location, the Soviets can turn any plot of ground into a supermagnet. This ability draws vehicles into it, all unable to move. Infantry don't stand a chance, and a savvy Soviet commander has often called down a magnetic satellite to draw the enemy's vehicles against them. The convicts that were used in the test were subsequently declared posthumously innocent.

Magnetic Attraction A weak magnetic beam pulls vehicles and ships into a single sphere.
Magnetic Unity A strong magnetic beam pulls vehicles and ships into a single sphere.
60px Magnetic Singularity An incredibly powerful magnetic beam pulls vehicles and ships into a single sphere.
Soviet Union Red Army

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