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Magnetic Satellite
Faction SovietLogoThumb Soviet Union
Function Support Power
Brief Send your enemies on a one-way trip to space through the magic of magnetic technologies.

From the start of the Soviet space program, particular efforts have been made to send magnetic satellites into space, attempting to deny the Allies use of space by sending their satellites into each other. It was by chance accident that one of the operators of such a satellite, seeing a Soviet line struggling against an Allied tank company. Showing a speed of thought and ingenuity uncommon in the Soviet technological sector, the technician decided that in order to assist his comrades on the front, he needed to boost the power of the satellite to drag at least one of the Allied tanks into the air, only to boost the satellite to the point where half the Allied tanks were suddenly floating into the air, unable to traverse their turrets down and easy pickings for the Soviet MiGs flying air cover. After a required beating by his supervisors, he was awarded as a hero of the Union for devising a new way to aid the Soviet military.

The magnetic satellite program is simple; make a magnetic satellite designed to point towards the Earth. Use that satellite to drag an enemy's vehicles and ships into space. Hold until a commander needs an orbital drop, and repeat. The magnetic satellite has become a dangerous weapon in the Soviet arsenal, and some Allied and Imperial personnel often decided that they'd rather cut makeshift escape holes in their tanks than die in the vacuum of space.

Magnetic Satellite A weak magnetic beam pulls vehicles and ships from the Earth into space.
Magnetic Array A strong magnetic beam pulls vehicles and ships from the Earth into space.
60px Magnetic Station An incredibly powerful magnetic beam pulls vehicles and ships from the Earth into space.
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