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Lamia Launcher
Faction SyndicateLogoThumb Mediterranean Syndicate
Unit Type Vehicle
Designation Anti-Air
Production Building Vulcans Forge
Secondary Ability Electronic Scrambler

deactivates all weapons in vicinity
Cost Unknown
Production Time Unknown
Heroic Upgrade Secondary stealths friendlies to air units
Dev. Status Conceptual
Country of Origin  Italythumb Italy
Shipped by  Alfa Rolando Military Automobiles
Key Features  » "Harbinger" Multiple Missile Launch System
 » Pacifista Electronic Scrambler
 » Intelligent Fire and Forget missiles
 » Leather seats
 » Heated cup holders

"400 meters to hostile, estimated time of detonation ... Squirrel!!! Resetting target designation..."

- Lamia Missile AI


The Achilles's heel of numerous Mediterranean Syndicate Security Forces branches is the obvious and crippling lack of effective anti-air weaponry. Time and time again the Syndicate had been forced to abandon profitable investments and retreat from firefights due to the fear of massive aerial bombardment or fighter interception, which loomed greatly over private military contractors. Eventually of course, a solution to the complications in the field would come in the form of a private investment.

The Lamia is the primary land-based anti-aircraft platform for the Syndicate and has proven itself to be capable of single-handedly denying airspace to hostile aircraft. The Lamia is different from most of the other Syndicate vehicles in the way that it is actually able to down its target in a single salvo. But there is a key flaw in the design of the Intelligent Missile system. When launched, each missile chooses its own target, meaning that if the enemy were to field multiple aircraft then they will overwhelm the Lamia.

Early losses to swarms of Soviet Twinblades prompted the Syndicate into fielding the experimental Pacifista Electronic Scrambler (data of the Scrambler gun stolen from the Allies, of course) which disables all weapons, friend or foe, in the vicinity. Although this may seem a dangerous hazard to an electronics corporation, the design of the majority of the Syndicate's weaponry allow the Security Forces to fire from well beyond the dead zone.

Tactics Edit

The Lamia is a fairly heavy anti-aircraft platform which launches and controls a small swarm of intelligent missiles which it uses to down enemy aircraft. The missiles have minds of their own and controlling them can be difficult; missiles will attack all targets in the vicinity, though not necessarily the one you targeted. Its secondary function is a pulsed electronic signal that disables all weapons, friend or foe, in the vicinity; this can save you from bombers or ground attack planes if well timed.

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