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Krait Sniper
The Krait Sniper In Game
Only man in the village
Minor Faction VietcongLogoThumb Vietcong
Other Faction(s) None
Unit Type Sniper
Designation Anti Infantry
Production Building Unknown
Secondary Ability Switch Net Launcher/Sniper Rifle
Uses net gun to immobilize enemies/Uses sniper rifle for all attacks
Cost 800
Production Time 0:08
Heroic Upgrade Suppressor
• Not revealed when firing rifle
Dev. Status In game
Country of Origin  File:NorthVietnamthumb.gif North Vietnam
Trained at  Their home village
Key Features  » Used SKAS semi automatic rifle
 » Improvised scope
 » Homemade net launcher
 » Black uniform
 » Good luck headband from local village

Tactical Analysis Edit

  • White Feather: The Krait Sniper is the premier sharpshooter in the Vietnam theatre. Though all snipers are deadly, the thick foliage of Vietnam means that the Krait Sniper is doubly so due to the ample cover and concealment around him.
  • Through Their Own Scope: The SKAS rifle is crude, but no less effective on the battlefield. Like other sniper rifles, it can kill infantry in one shot.
  • Get In The Bubble: The Krait Sniper has also equipped himself with a net launcher. While the individual launchers work through various means, they all serve to entangle enemies so they can't move. Better still for the sniper, this is completely silent and does not reveal his position.
  • Utter, Complete, Absolute Concentration: The Krait Sniper must remain hidden until the shot can be taken, or he will quickly be hunted down by enemy forces. He has very few other ways to defend himself.

Operational History Edit

Snipers are omnipresent in the jungles of Vietnam. Using a variety of old rifles and jury rigged scopes, they take pot shots at ARVN and Allied forces, bases, and road signs, severely disrupting any attempt to maintain a sense of security. This individual uses a WW2 era SKAS semi-automatic rifle, a Soviet weapon infamous for its temperamental nature, and a telescopic scope originally mounted on crew served sentry guns.

Recently, snipers have been leading teams on bold snatch-and-grab missions, abducting sentries, officers and local authorities in the night as an intimidation tactic and to collect intelligence. To help with these missions, many snipers have assembled tools, such as net launchers, to assist in these missions.

Good snipers gain fame and respect among the Vietcong, and are considered folk heroes in areas aligned with the North. Indeed, these people have nicknamed these snipers "Kraits", after the poisonous snakes in the area. The ARVN and Allies refer to the snipers either with "Sniper Chuck" or a stream of expletives. Often both.

Just the Stats Edit

Krait Sniper
Camouflage, Skirmisher
Cost 600
Build Time 0:06
Health 100
Speed 65
Armour Type Infantry
SKAS Sniper Rifle
Infantry Only, Intimidating(50/3s), Pinning, Lock-On(2s), Degarrison
Range 600
RPS 1/3
Damage 100
Suppression 100
DPS 33.3
Net Gun
Stunning, Area of Effect(50)
Range 120
RPS 1/2 rps
Damage N/A
Suppression N/A

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