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Jungle Ranger
A pair of Jungle Rangers on patrol
Minor Faction ARVNLogoThumb Republic of Vietnam Ranger Forces
Other Faction(s) None
Unit Type Infantry
Designation Anti Infantry
Production Building ARVN Command Tent
Secondary Ability Switch Masterkey Shotgun/Assault Rifle
High damage, short range shotgun/High suppression, low damage rifle
Cost $150
Production Time 0:04
Heroic Upgrade Incendiary Ammunition
• All weapons do Flame damage
Dev. Status In game

"I'm gonna pop a couple of shells into that bush over there, see if that will flush them out."

- A Ranger advancing into enemy territory.

Tactical Analysis Edit

  • Saigon Cowboys: The Jungle Ranger is armed with an effective assault rifle designed to suppress enemy infantry with fire. Rangers are trained to use their rifles to suppress Vietcong and keep them from fleeing; their rapid bursts are inaccurate, but can quickly lock enemy infantry down.
  • Who needs keys?: In addition to normal fire, Jungle Rangers can use the underslung shotguns of their rifles. These pack a powerful punch, but you need to get up close to use them.
  • Cautious pace: Jungle Rangers move slower than their Vietcong foes, and cannot shoot on the move. In order to engage them properly, they need to suppress them to prevent them from skirmishing away.
  • Willie Pete: Some Jungle Rangers have managed to get their hands on special incendiary ammunition for their rifles, as well as white phosphorus rounds for their Masterkey shotguns. Such ammunition is no less effective against infantry than regular rounds, and can also be used to set buildings ablaze.

Background Edit

Most of the ARVN's infantry are defensive in nature, garrisons for the cities on the lookout to prevent a reoccurence of the Tet Offensive. The soldiers that actually venture out into the jungle to hunt the Vietcong on their own turf are a considerably different sort; they are Jungle Rangers, the special forces of the ARVN.

As they operate in highly dangerous environments, Jungle Rangers are generally better trained and better equipped than most ARVN soldiers, and are trained in counter-insurgency tactics and jungle fighting. In terms of equipment and training, they are comparable with Reservist Defenders, though the ARVN doesn't have any Reservist forces, since it is technically not an Allied nation.

Still, Jungle Rangers face a difficult task. They are not as numerous as the NVA, or as familiar with the jungle as the Vietcong. Instead, they rely on squad tactics to isolate Vietcong fighters and cut them down. Operating in groups, Jungle Rangers use their automatic MX-15 assault rifles to suppress enemies, burning through magazine after magazine of 5.56mm ammunition to keep their the heads of their enemies down while their squadmates close the distance. If they are within range, they unleash their secret weapon; an underslung "Masterkey" shotgun, attached to the barrel of their assault rifle. Originally designed for urban combat during WWII, it was adapted into a brutal jungle fighting tool by the Rangers, who use it with devastating effect in close quarters.

Just the StatsEdit

Jungle Ranger

Cost 150
Build Time 0:03
Health 100
Speed 50
Armour Type Infantry
MX-15 Full Auto
Reloads(5/.5), Pinning, Intimidating(30)
Range 180
Damage 2
Suppression 15
DPS 10
Masterkey Shotgun
Scattergun, Drop-Off, Finishing Blow
Range 90
Damage 50
Suppression 8
DPS 20
Experience Levels
Default Kill Reward 150
Veteran 600
Kill Reward 300
Elite 1200
Kill Reward 600
Heroic 2400
Kill Reward 1200
Republic of Vietnam Ranger Forces

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