International Inc Warehouse
Promotional image of the International Inc Warehouse
Faction None
Minor Faction(s) IntIncLogoThumb International Inc
Building Type Omni-Production Structure
Function Constructs International Inc Vehicles
Cost N/A
Construction Time N/A
Power 0
Constructs Dozer, Enforcer, Leopard LAV, Marauder Tank, Scorpion Tank, Skirmisher Heavy Transport, Skysweeper Missile Tank, Vanquisher Artillery
Dev. Status In-Game

If you happen to live in an unstable country, you are more than likely to come around and find one of those structures. International Inc is an arms dealer corporation working around the globe, despite the Mediterranean Syndicate controlling most of the weapon deliveries. What they are on the sea route, International Inc does via land and air. Everyone with enough money can order one of the products from the catalog, and it will be delivered in the next 7 days - holiday and weekend not included into the counter. This hobby is shared by people all over the world.

The Warehouse of International Inc resembles War Factories from World War II and indeed Veterans of that war often compare them to the plants churning out their tanks. The reason is simple - International Inc are actually the designers of said War Factories, which could be constructed with the MCV's of that period of history - which were designed by International Inc as well.

Warehouses deliver a range of conventional, sturdy and cost-effective vehicles designed to take a beating while wiping the floor with their enemies and come out alive to get delivered to another person, should the buyer use the 2 weeks guarantee of money return - more often than not this is not necessary. Most buyers are happy with those tanks they often order more than one of the same type of vehicle, and with the recent after-war atmosphere this is only good for the company.

Enforcer Leopard LAVScorpion Tank
Marauder Tank Skysweeper Missile TankVanquisher Artillery
Skirmisher Heavy Transport DozerNone
None NoneNone
International Inc Catalogue

Paradox-Exclusive Mini-Faction.

Infantry Enforcer
Vehicles Leopard LAVScorpion TankMarauder TankSkysweeper Missile TankVanquisher ArtillerySkirmisher Heavy TransportDozer
Structures International Inc Warehouse
Defences II Battle TurretII Guard BunkerII SAM Site
Detailed Information International Inc Shareholders

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