Notable Members Edit

Andrei Orlov Edit

Hailing from Russia, Andrei Orlov is the founder and current chairman of International Inc. Started off as a small time supplier to gangs in the 1920s, and has now worked his way up to become the top independent arms merchant in the world. It is rumoured that every small war that has started in the last 5 decades had both sides supplied by him.

Also known by the alias "The Merchant of Death", "The Lord of War", and the "Jackal". Despite his reputation as a barely legal arms merchant, he's one of the world's most famous philanthropists, donating millions of dollars of his profits in reconstructing and improving third world countries. Because of this, and his army of lawyers and bureaucrats, he has avoided inquiry and inspections from Allied Nations inspectors so far.

Zero Edit

An infamous Japanese-British born ex-warlord and wager of revolution, Zero uses his impressive skills at strategy and command, as well as his ability to literally turn everyone he meets to his cause, to now lead civilian aid missions throughout the world's most dangerous regions. He always wears a dark mask completely hiding his face, and some describe this as making him seem far away in a discussion and unreachable. It is most probably for security reasons, since many factions in the world want to see him dead for the crimes he committed before he joined International Inc. No one has ever seen his actual face, though.

Adam "Ocelot" Colt Edit

An International Inc "Salesman", Colt acts opposite to Zero, as he creates conflicts in Volatile regions just for the sales. He uses his charisma and a set of single action revolvers to gain the trust of regional warlords, then introduces then to mail order shopping. Self centered, and generally disliked by the other "Salesmen", few know why the board keep him on.

David Xanatos Edit

Top shareholder of International Inc with 59% of market shares. He was trained by the Mediterranean Syndicate in the real way the world works. The skills he gained also left him with the will to control, upsetting certain CEOs. He later used his prowess to gain a controlling stake in Int.Inc. and its top competitor. Under his ludicrously complicated style of management, Int.Inc. has had record profits. Yet no one knows how this will change Xanatos's plans. He is also the only person to beat his top salesman Zero at his own game, the game of Chess.

Behind the Scenes Edit

All four shareholders are obvious parody of famous fictional characters.

  • Andrei Orlov is a parody of Yuri Orlov, the main character of Lord of War. "Jackal" is the name of a mysterious arms dealer in Farcry 2, who expresses a variety of conflicting political opinions and arms both sides of a horrible African civil-war.
  • Zero is a parody of Lelouch vi Britannia, the main character of Code Geass.
  • Adam Colt is a parody of Revolver Ocelot, a major character from the Metal Gear series.
  • David Xanatos is a parody of the fictional character of the same name from Gargoyles.
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