Infantry Base
Faction EmpireLogoThumb Empire of the Rising Sun
Building Type Support Structure
Function Heals infantry
Cost $800
Construction Time 0:10
Power 100
Constructs Motorcycle
Dev. Status Conceptual

"Indeed, it is a glorious honour to die for one's country. Yet one must never place personal honour before the well being of their nation."

- Emperor Kamina, in a speech at the Byakko barracks


In the last war, the Imperial Infantry divisions achieved many victories, but often at an unacceptable cost of life to a nation with far less population than that of the Soviet Union or the Allied Nations. For this reason, the Infantry Base was developed.

While the better known impacts of Imperial nanotechnology have been in manufacturing and construction, scientists have been researching many alternative purposes for the amazing devices ever since their invention. One of the most promising of these fields is that of nanomedicine – nanites are small enough to operate inside the human body, opening up vast possibilities for medical science. Nanoparticles are already in widespread use as a means of delivery for medicinal drugs, while the potential uses of nanites in medicine are just beginning to be explored; some applications include welding severed blood vessels back together, directly repairing damaged cells, and closing open wounds.

At the moment medical nanites are still in their infancy, and most of the technology is still experimental. However, the Imperial military recently signed a contract with one of the companies researching into this field, to provide their medical nanotechnology for use in the new Infantry Bases. With this technology, Infantry Bases can heal any friendly infantry near them in a remarkably short time, using nanites to seal wounds shut, repair internal organ damage and reconstruct cells at the molecular level. The company eventually hopes to introduce the technology into the commercial market and civilian hospitals, where it is hoped the technology will revolutionise Japanese medicine. For now, however, they content themselves with testing their technology on Imperial soldiers and refining it. So far, the soldiers have reported no ill effects.

The Infantry Base also contains a nanolathe, allowing it to construct small, disposable motorcycles to carry troops to the front line. Very similar to the popular 'Ultra Cub' vehicle exported around the world, they can rapidly cross all terrain, allowing a commander to send the Empire's squads wherever they are needed with even greater speed than the Sudden Transport.

Training for these bikes are conducted throughout Imperial Dojos and every soldier in the Imperial military is expected to know how to operate one. It is also impossible to operate weaponry while riding one of these high speed bikes, so an Imperial soldier must disembark in order to retaliate against enemy threats.

Just the StatsEdit

Infantry Base

Support Structure
Cost 800
Build Time 0:10
Health 100
Power -100
Armour Type Paper
Empire of the Rising Sun Defence Forces

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