Industrial Plant
SU Industrial Plant
The Industrial Plant
Faction SovietLogoThumb Soviet Union
Building Type Support Structure
Function Reduces prices and build times
Cost Unknown
Construction Time Unknown
Power Unknown
Constructs -
Dev. Status Conceptual

The Soviet Union has the greatest industrial output of any nation in all recorded history. It has industrial complexes larger than some cities, and a working class eager to work long, dangerous hours, assuming the foreman has the will to use the regulation beat stick regularly. Work has only increased since the introduction of widespread automation, freeing workers to find employment elsewhere (usually another factory.) It is unsurprising that the Soviets could build such a massive amount of war machines and supplies in such a short time before World War II.

However, even when the factories are chugging along at maximum capacity, there's still the problem of getting these materials across the vast distances of mother Russia. While most industry, as well as most Russians, are in the Western end of the Soviet Union, even that small bit is larger than most nations. The web-way of railroads, maglevs, and roads try their best, but there is a lag, which is why Soviet command is now taking the absurd yet entirely Soviet solution of putting factories right on the front line.

These relatively small, modular factories cannot entirely replace the sprawling complexes far behind the lines, but what they can do is help by producing smaller, more common components, much like Allied SPAM modules. With this system, the factory in Stalingrad would produce the engine and the shell of the Hammer, which would be shipped with ease to the front, where the factory at the Front headquarters would make the weapons and the control instruments, saving time and effort all around. The factory on the front is very efficient, only needing a truckload of ore residue to start work. While it cannot produce anything on its own, it can dramatically increase efficiency of any war factories around it.

Level One Global unit production time and cost is reduced by 10%. Industrial Plant has 2 repair drones.
Level Two $1500, 0:45. Global unit production time and cost is reduced by 25%. Industrial Plant has 5 repair drones. Upgrades Crusher Cranes with Mag-Harpoon.
Level Three $3000, 1:15. Global unit production time and cost is reduced by 50%. Industrial Plant has 10 repair drones.

Behind the Scenes Edit

The Industrial Plant is based on the suggestion of V. Metalic, itself based on the structure from Yuri's Revenge.

Soviet Union Red Army

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