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Faction ProtectorateLogoThumb Electrical Protectorate
Building Type Production Structure
Function Creates Venus
Cost None
Construction Time None
Power Unknown
Constructs Venus
Dev. Status Conceptual
Dimension of Origin  Unknown
Assembled by  In the field
Key Features  » Electroconductive biogel
 » Numerous wires connecting to Venus
 » Gallons of nanite slurry
 » Clouded glass front
 » Supply of aviator sunglasses

Tactical AnalysisEdit


Venus, being the most powerful single force on Earth, is not so easily transferred from battlefield to battlefield like the other "heroes" of other power blocs. Creating the shell that she resides in takes time and effort for the perfectionist AI that first created Venus. Each joint, each "bone", the delicate circuitry in the head, all require time to ensure proper creation. This means a special structure is needed to house the android.

The Incubator fuels the creation of Venus' corporeal form, gallons of nanites fueling the creation process. While one would think that an AI would be able to perfectly recreate a device to house their consciousness, Venus feels that each creation is a chance to improve its most prized design, meaning that Venus can go through multiple re-designs before being deployed. It is only thanks to this that the Protectorates enemies might have a chance to destroy the Incubator before Venus deploys.

Electrical Protectorate Infinite Army

Paradox-Exclusive Faction.

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