Guard Bunker
The Guard Bunker can be found on Page 16 of the International Inc catalogue.
Faction None
Minor Faction(s) IntIncLogoThumb International Inc
Building Type Base Defence
Function Anti-Infantry/Garrison
Cost Unknown
Construction Time Unknown
Power 0
Ability Evacuate Occupant
Constructs N/A
Dev. Status Unknown
Country of Origin  Francethumb France
Produced by/
Recovered from
 International Inc. Plant #15, Nantes
Key Features  » Foundation (A hole in the ground)
 » Concrete shell
 » Steel reinforcements
 » Hardened entry hatch
 » Machine gun w/ operator

Tactical AnalysisEdit

  • Plain and Serviceable: The Guard Bunker is a simple, modernized defence, based on the infamous Pillbox from WWII. This model is equipped with a simple but effective machine gun, capable of cutting down infantry.
  • Hole Up: The guard bunker also has room for a single person who can fire out, granting it greater flexibility than many other defence systems, in spite of its simplicity.
  • Nothing Special: However, for all intents and purposes the Guard Bunker is just a concrete box, partially buried in the ground. It can be cracked by artillery, and is next to useless against tanks without an anti-armour occupant.

Operational HistoryEdit

The original pillbox of the Second World War was a simple yet efficient defence. Buried in the ground and manned by a single soldier with a general purpose machine gun, pillboxes soon proved their worth as defences capable of cutting down infantry, the use of prefabrication allowing them to be assembled cheaply and quickly even under battlefield conditions. These defences, alongside Gun Turrets and AA batteries, helped stall the Soviet assault while the Allies marshalled their forces for a counterattack.

While more advanced and versatile defences have since replaced these defences in the Peacekeeper arsenal, nevertheless pillboxes are still employed by many militaries around the world in defensive actions, due to their simplicity and cost effectiveness. As such, the construction of prefabricated defences remains a significant source of income for their maker, International Inc. Often assembled by International Inc dozers, International Inc's prefabricated pillboxes (rebranded as Guard Bunkers) are the bread-and-butter of many defence lines.

On their own, Guard Bunkers can stop infantry and stall armoured assaults, and with a second soldier garrisoned inside to provide additional firepower, they can even defend against these. Despite the versatility provided by the option of a second soldier, they are still best used in conjunction with International Inc SAM sites and Battle Turrets to form tough to crack defence lines that can only be defied by artillery.

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