Hot Feet
Faction ConfederateLogoThumb Confederate Revolutionaries
Function Mining Power
Brief Drops caltrops on the targeted area, damaging and slowing infantry.

"Dammit, these were new boots!"

- Anonymous Allied Peacekeeper outside Oklahoma City.

Caltrops have been around since the Roman Empire, and have changed little since. Nails, spikes, or small blades welded or fastened together with one point always pointing upwards can be an annoyance or worse to men, horses, or vehicles with tires. They are also difficult to notice (until you step on one); they can be easily hidden in grass, snow, underbrush, or mud, painted sand-color, or simply strewn about with other street litter in cities.

While modern militaries consider caltrops either too hazardous or too ineffective to use, the Confederates have no such qualms. A good spike can puncture even a Peacekeeper's armoured boot, possibly laming him. Unfortunately for the Rebels, the Peacekeepers use steel-banded tires on all of their wheeled vehicles, rendering them more or less immune to puncturing without power tools.

Hot Feet Strews caltrops in the way of unsuspecting infantry, who suffer minor damage when walking over them and also get slightly slowed down.
Watch Your Step Strews caltrops in the way of unsuspecting infantry, who suffer moderate damage when walking over them and also get slowed down.
IconRebs Dance Blueboy! Strews caltrops in the way of unsuspecting infantry, who suffer heavy damage when walking over them and are slowed down greatly.
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