Hot Blooded
Faction EmpireLogoThumb Empire of the Rising Sun
Function Support Power
Brief Mecha pilots and their machines give 120% to the war.

While they seem powerful, mecha are temperamental machines. Dozens of safety regulations are required for their construction, including multiple power regulators, backup power systems in the event of critical damage, and even an automatic shutdown in case the AI aiding in piloting the machine suddenly goes rampant. The most important of all, however, are the multiple programming sections in the CPU that prevents the mecha from overexerting its mechanical systems to the breaking point; there is a speed limit, and going over it risks overtaxing the machine beyond its capacity.

Of course, the mechanics and soldiers of the Empire agree that sometimes, you just need to go into over-drive. Though officially frowned upon by Imperial command, the process of editing in bypasses to these control codes to enhance the performance of mecha forces is considered a vital part of operations now. With a few buttons pressed, a mecha pilot can urge his machine into almost supernatural feats. Despite this, the wear on the machine is considerable, and orders to utilize these bypasses can only be ordered from the area's ranking commander. Though dangerous, many mecha pilots are considered green until they finally give their machines their "hot blood".

IconEmpire Hot Blooded Mecha units in the area indicated gain an armour, speed, and attack buff for X seconds.
Hot Headed Mecha units in the area indicated gain an armour, speed, and attack buff for X seconds.
IconEmpire Hands Burning Red Mecha units in the area indicated gain an armour, speed, and attack buff for X seconds.
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