Harpy Air-Mobile Armour
Faction SyndicateLogoThumb Mediterranean Syndicate
Unit Type Aerial Battlesuit
Designation Anti-Ground/Anti-Air
Production Building Hall of Heroes
Secondary Ability Switch Anti-ground EMP Rifle/Anti-air Flechette cannons
Cost Unknown
Production Time Unknown
Heroic Upgrade Advanced EMP Rifle (Stuns infantry)
Dev. Status Conceptual
Country of Origin  Greecethumb Greece
Trained at  Rex Luther Technologies, Acropolis Sprawl
Key Features  » STEYR EMP Rifle
 » Twin gyro-stabilized Flechette cannons
 » Modified Vulcan combat suit
 » Mounted jetpack
 » List of fools who laughed at her

Tactical Analysis Edit

  • Not a Bird or Plane: Flying infantry not unlike the Allied Rocketeers, Harpy Battlesuits employ their suits to fly across battlefield, disabling vehicles and buildings with discharges from their EMP rifle.
  • Needle Rain: While the EMP rifle is too inaccurate and slow firing to hit aircraft, the same cannot be said for the Harpy's flechette cannons, which can fill the air with a storm of screaming flechettes.
  • Flight, not Fight: While an effective support unit and decent at taking out aircraft, Harpies are ill suited to dealing with infantry, and don't really have any methods to dispose of a surface target permanently. It doesn't help that their battlesuits are designed for speed rather than durability, so anti-air fire will quickly bring them down.
  • Airborne Taser: While generally the stock model of the Harpy's EMP rifle is unable to affect infantry, some Harpies have been able to secure more advanced variants, which can stun infantry in addition to mechanical targets.


From "Captain Rocket Meets Harpy" radio broadcast:

Narrator: "The last time we met Captain Rocket, he was speeding to rescue the Prime Minster's son, abducted by the evil Harpy!"

Prime Minister's Son: "Let me go!"

Harpy: "Silenzioso! You're just the bait, child. Soon, I will have revenge on Captain Rocket!"


Harpy: "Captain Rocket!"

Captain Rocket: "Guten Tag, Harpy. I'm here to stop your evil scheme!"

Harpy: "Not this time, Captain Rocket! I stole your rocket pack and made my own! Catch me now!"


Captain Rocket: "Great Goddard! She just launched into the air with my jet pack! I must follow her!"

Narrator: "What's this? Harpy has an EMP rifle! And she's pointing it at Captain Rocket!"

Harpy: "See, all your technology is no match for the power of my mind! Take this!"


Captain Rocket: "My jet pack ... it's no longer working!"

Harpy: "Now I will finish you. Any last words before I mince you with my flechette launchers?"

Captain Rocket: "Ja, genau zwei: Rocket PUNCH!"


Harpy: "Ahh! You bested me this time! But without your jet pack, can you stop me from shutting down Allied Headquarters?"

Captain Rocket: "You'll never get away from this!"

Harpy: "Try and stop me! Ciao, Captain Rocket!"

Narrator: "Will Captain Rocket catch the evil Harpy before she shuts down the Allies? Tune in next week, at the same Rocket time to find out!"

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