Hacker Tower
Hacker Tower
Faction SyndicateLogoThumb Mediterranean Syndicate
Building Type Defensive Structure
Function Anti-Vehicle
Cost Unknown
Construction Time Unknown
Power Unknown
Constructs None
Dev. Status Conceptual
Country of Origin  USAthumb United States
Shipped by  Silicon Valley Sprawl
Key Features  » Aggressive Black ICE programme
 » Radio Scrambling Device
 » Targetting System (Major Electronics)
 » Adaptive Viral AI
 » "STOP" sign

"I'm in your vehicle, killing your movement!"

- Hyperactive Viral AI

Every vehicle has electronics, or some essential system to work, and the Hacker Tower has been specifically designed to counteract these, in such a way that leaves as much salvageable technology left as possible.

This tower has had few expenses spared in its design, and any vehicle used by the enemy can be stalled and destroyed. If the vehicle relies on electronics, the job is easy: the tower has been implanted with an adaptive AI program that acts similar to a virus, projecting itself into a vehicle's mainframe and scrambling orders in ten thousand new ways a minute, to prevent counteractions. In case of stolen AI, this base defense has advanced Black ICE: Any computer trying to hack the tower is wiped clean, and any AI overloaded.

Some vehicles, however, attempt to bypass this tactic by not using electronics as their main controlling system. This too has been compensated for; the tower can jam radio transmissions, and can score soft kills by using this system as a RF pulse gun, stopping them in their tracks.

Finally, however, some vehicles have no electronics, for one reason or another. For example, the Confederates cannot afford top-of-the-line electronic systems, and the Talon stays away from electronics like a sprawl dweller from a Satyr. This is where the final defense system comes in. Contained in the tower is a mini-fletcher, designed to shoot monowire. Although not enough to kill or damage tanks, this wire can carry zero-point energy, stopping mechanical parts for a few seconds while it prepares to repeat.

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