Great Wing-class Ship
AKoC Great Wing
A Great Wing with three Little Wings patrolling around the ship
Faction ChinaLogoThumb Atomic Kingdom of China
Unit Type Capital Ship
Designation Anti Ship
Included In Carrier Group
War Fleet
Secondary Ability Unknown
Dev. Status Conceptual
Country of Origin  RoyalChinathumb China
Made by  Zhanjiang Hydrodock
Key Features  » "Little Wing"-class Patrol Boat schematics
 » Molten Jade reactor core (unstable)
 » Duplicator banks (requires power)
 » Pulse shield emitter array
 » Onboard medical & cloning bay


Datalog e/31A02

Time -> 23/01/1969 -> 1831 h

Location -> Formosa Strait

Unidentified ships detected -> Commence analysis

Force composition -> Hostile -> Atomic Kingdom of China -> Qilin Ray Cruiser (2) -> Unknown Ship(?) (1) -> Unknown Ship (?) does not match any known perimeters -> Weapons -> None (?) -> Defences -> Energy shields

Force composition -> Electrical Protectorate -> Eviscerator Submarine (1) -> Aggravator Leaping Sub (2)

Conclusion -> Atomic Kingdom of China -> fielding new ship

Available courses of action -> Attempt to avoid detection -> Engage Atomic Kingdom naval group -> Investigate capabilities of new Atomic Kingdom ship

New directive -> Engage Atomic Kingdom naval group -> Suspend patrol route -> Change course to attack naval group

Observation -> Unknown Ship(?) possesses energy transmission array -> Matches known perimeters -> Conclusion -> Unknown Ship(?) requires external power to function

Observation -> Unknown Ship(?) -> Launching Unknown Craft(?) (4) -> Probability of detection by naval group -> Very high

Observation -> Unknown Craft(?) -> Weapons -> Gamma-type Ray gun (2) -> Defences -> Light

Unknown Craft(?) (2) within range -> Aggravator Leaping Sub (2) -> surface and open fire -> Unknown Craft (?) returning fire -> Unknown Craft(?) (2) destroyed -> Observation -> Unknown Ship(?) launching additional Unknown Craft(?) (2) -> Engage Unknown Craft(?) (4) -> Unknown Craft(?) (3) destroyed -> Aggravator Leaping Sub (2) destroyed -> Observation -> Atomic Kingdom -> No concern for unknown craft's losses -> Conclusion -> Unknown Craft(?) -> Expendable -> Clone piloted

Observation -> Unknown Craft(?) -> Returning to Unknown Ship(?) -> Conclusion -> Unknown Ship(?) resupplying Unknown Craft(?) -> Unknown Craft(?) -> Limited energy reserves

Comparison -> Unknown Ship (?) -> Known ships of human powers -> Nearest match -> Allies -> Von Esling-class Aircraft Carrier -> Conclusion -> Unknown Ship(?) similar to aircraft carrier -> using Unknown Craft (?) in place of aircraft -> Weakness -> Carrier ship -> Unarmed -> Produces Unknown Craft(?) -> Resupplies Unknown Craft(?) -> Target Unknown Ship(?) to stop Unknown Craft(?) -> Weakness -> Target power supply in order to cripple Unknown Ship(?)

Destruction of power supply not an option -> Target Unknown Ship(?) -> Unknown Ship(?) (1) -> Qilin Ray Cruiser (2) -> Within range -> Eviscerator Submarine (1) surface and open fire -> Unknown Ship(?) destroyed -> Massive explosion -> Conclusion -> Unknown Ship(?) -> Volatile basis -> In event of severe damage -> Catastrophic explosion

Further analysis required regarding Unknown Ship(?)

Directive completed -> Resume patrol route

Atomic Kingdom of China Royal Guard

Paradox-Exclusive Faction.

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