The Confederates unique in numerous aspects, Global Upgrades being one of them. Global Upgrades, once researched, will affect Confederate vehicles, ships and aircraft. A force of Confederate vehicles, once fully upgraded, is just as good if not better than a comparable force of any other faction.


60px Health Units are bulked up with greater mass, redundant compartmentalization, sandbags, and crew safety features. All Confederate vehicles gain 125% health, and will automatically self-repair at a rate of 1 health per second.
60px Power Better ammunition stocks, longer barrels, more potent explosives and better accuracy leads to much more effective weapons. All vehicle weapon damage is increased to 130% default, and explosive weapons have 125% radius.
60px Speed Superchargers, high-grade fuel, turboprops, and tuned suspensions make for much faster vehicles. All vehicles move at 150% standard speed, and ability cooldowns are reduced to 75%.
60px Rate of Fire Autoloaders, filed down mechanisms, and removed safety features have lead to increased reload rates and rates of fire. Clip reload times are reduced to 65%. Units with limited ammo will have 150% ammo storage.
60px Armor Spaced and composite armour, new alloys, and active or reactive armour systems give greater resistance to damage than usual. Vehicles switch to an improved version of their current armourtype, taking reduced damage from all weapons. Heavily armoured vehicles will have notably strengthened front armour.
60px Vision Improved viewfinders, Syndicate-made targeting computers, starlight scopes and other improvements have increased the range and situational awareness of all vehicles. Units will have 125% vision range and a 10% range increase on all weapons.

These upgrades are for free, but each requires three minutes to develop. While it is being developed, it locks off all other options; you cannot build a dozer or start research on another upgrade without cancelling the one currently in progress.

You can suggest visual effects for these upgrades here.

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