GPS Lock
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Function Reconnaissance Power
Brief A Spy Satellite locks onto a target location, providing you with up-to-date information on that area even if you have no forces there.

"I don't know about how they got my position. We didn't see any aircraft, and we were sure that we had eliminated all the spies."

- Shogun Shinya Murakumo on being outflanked at Brunei

If one were to start a survey of your average Allied soldier of the Third World War based around the question, “What spaceborne technology has most revolutionised warfare?”, you are likely to get a long list of wonder weapons such as the Allies' Athena Satellite Network, the dreaded Soviet Orbital Drop and the occasional insane rambling of weather control devices. Ask an Allied commander, and among the plethora of wonder weapons mentioned, you will hear a good many of them mention the GPS satellite (GPS standing for "Global Photoreconnaissance System").

In 1959, the Allies decided that they needed a method to spy on the Soviets in such a way that no retribution could be made. Spies could be killed or fed false information, aircraft were vulnerable to being shot down, and scouts could be hunted down and eliminated. To answer this the Allies turned skyward, launching their first spy satellite into space.

These satellites have evolved with time, and while still expensive to send up and rather delicate, no longer need the colossal buildings dubbed “GPS Uplinks” for the commander to make use of them, as the equipment and hardware needed to relay orders to a GPS satellite can now safely fit inside one large room in the basement of a Defence Bureau.

The military isn’t the only area where people have expressed interest in these spy satellites; certain civilian companies have expressed desire to use a triangulation method to greatly improve navigation. As of now this is still a ways off due to the sheer size of the equipment used to comunicate with the satellites.

60px GPS Lock Placed on any area you can see, the GPS Lock prevents the Fog of War from rolling back onto a position, making scouting last longer and keeping buildings revealed for targeting.
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