GOOP Strike
Faction AlliedLogoThumb Allied Nations
Function Disruption Power
Brief An Artemis Precision Bomber drops a bomb at the designated target containing sticky GOOP.

The substance known as Generally Obstructive Oxidized Plastic (GOOP) has proven extremely useful to the Allied Nations in anti-riot actions worldwide. This pink coloured, sticky, non-Newtonian liquid is capable of rendering a man or vehicle virtually incapable of movement. Towards the end of WW3, the Allies began utilising the substance on the battlefield, deploying Riot Agents and ARVs to the front lines. The results have been promising; Infantry, tanks, and mecha held in place make excellent targets for Allied aircraft and mechanised divisions.

Because of GOOP's usefulness, a variety of airborne munitions containing the substance have been manufactured for both Century and Artemis bombers. The weapons are extremely effective against armour formations, and commanders are known to use Artemis-delivered GOOP bombs to stop Soviet or Imperial tanks in their tracks without having to resort to the more clearance (and paperwork) intensive Cryosat network.

GOOP Strike Sends in an Artemis Bomber with a small GOOP bomb.
GOOP Splash Sends in an Artemis Bomber with a medium sized GOOP bomb.
60px GOOP Soak Sends in an Artemis Bomber with a large GOOP bomb.
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