XF-16 Fusion Torch Combat System
A pair of Fusion Torchtanks
Faction AlliedLogoThumb Allied Nations
Unit Type Light Tank
Designation Experimental Anti-Ground
Tier X
Production Building Experimental Workshop
Secondary Ability Redirect Thrusters
Cost $1500
Production Time 0:10
Heroic Upgrade Plasma Arc Gun
Dev. Status In Game
Country of Origin  Francethumb France
Produced by  University of Paris (rebuilt)
Key Features  » Helium-3 fusion engine
 » Electro-magnetic torch
 » Ventral thrust chamber
 » Heat resistant ceramic plating
 » Deployable slag-removing apparatus

"Now you see me, now you're ashes."

- Torchtank Operator

Tactical AnalysisEdit

  • Occam's Razer: The Fusion Torchtank is armed with an electro-magnetic torch that spews a stream of superheated plasma out of the nozzle. This byproduct of fusion is so hot, it burns through EVERYTHING. Even the thickest of Talon Steel armour would barely stand for a second in the face of this weapon.
  • Do you even lift?: In a pinch, it can redirect its plasma jets downwards, enabling it to take (somewhat comical) flight. Naturally, it is unable to attack in this mode.
  • Warning: Fragile Experiment!: The Torchtank has to get close to use its weapon, which combined with its thin armour means that it needs something to draw fire from it, or it will quickly explode in a violent cataclysm.
  • Arc de Triumph: After months of research, the engineers of the Allied Nations were able to develop an experimental plasma arc gun. This weapon fires by launching an arc of plasma at its enemies. The plasma arc gun has a slightly greater range than the usual electromagnetic torch and causes splash damage upon impact.


"Don't blink or you'll miss it."

- Another Torchtank Operator

The Fusion Torchtank is the result of an ongoing French project to develop a clean, renewable source of power based on the theoretical "fusion" of atoms, a process by which two atoms come together to form one element of a higher atomic number. It is hoped that the process of fusion will be simpler than that of atomic fission, a process that has eluded science ever since research into the concept began in the late 30s. The project has shown promising results; the first successful test generated a staggering 1.21 gigawatts of power. Unfortunately, this power manifested as a long tongue of blue flame that melted the entire humanities branch of the University of Paris, the most devastating event in the university's history since the fire of 1670. Civilian investors were turned off by these results, but the military immediately placed an order for two hundred units.

Now undergoing field trials, Allied Command has high hopes for the Torchtank. In tests, the refined 'Fusion Torch' that gives the vehicle its name has shown itself capable of melting, vaporising or otherwise completely destroying any material it came up against in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, the Torchtank is hampered by an unfortunate combination of thin armour and short range. Hoping to mitigate this, Allied Command has taken steps to increase the vehicle's mobility, by allowing it to use its Fusion Torch as an improvised rocket to take (somewhat comical-looking) flight. Though it cannot use its weapon when flying for obvious reasons, it can use this mode to close with the enemy, escape attack, or simply cross bodies of water.

Just the StatsEdit

"You had me sold as soon as you combined the words torch and tank."

- Aegis123
Fusion Torchtank
Experimental Anti Surface
Cost 1500
Build Time 0:10
Health 100
Speed 60
Armour Type Light Armour
Fusion Torch
Range 80
RPS 6 rps
Damage 100
Suppression 0
DPS 600 dps
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