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Fury Combat Drone
Faction SyndicateLogoThumb Mediterranean Syndicate
Unit Type Fighter Drone
Designation Anti Air Melee
Production Building Aerodome
Secondary Ability Dig In
Cost Unknown
Production Time Unknown
Heroic Upgrade Unknown
Dev. Status Conceptual
Country of Origin  Italythumb Italy
Shipped by  Rapture Cybernetics, Bacchus Sprawl
Key Features  » Moving parts (x65; very sharp)
 » Spiral propulsion
 » Fiberglass frame
 » Aggressive Artificial Intelligence unit
 » Diesel generator

"There's nothing new under the sky. Under the ground, however..."

- Capt. Bayard Fournier, explaining the system that downed his latest wingman


Aerial supremacy is an expensive and industrially intensive exercise that requires the full capacity of an entire nation to effectively compete with the world’s leading powers. The Syndicate does not need to make such drastic and risky investments in order to protect the majority of their business as a result of its almost parasitic relationship with the Allied Peacekeeper Divisions.

Most of the Syndicate's manufacturing capacity lies well protected in either strategic Allied member nations such as Italy and Colombia, or in remote decolonized states such as Sri Lanka and Eritrea. For the most part, Sprawls are relatively immune to aerial bombardment.

The natural density of a Sprawl combined with the extensive range of a Missile Turret proves to be a war winning combination as the attacker must hit a small, heavily guarded target, which has the means to counter any artillery system currently fielded.

So rather than expending resources on an aerial superiority fighter, Syndicate security forces turned to alternative methods for denying an area of airspace to an aggressor. The Fury Combat Drone is the result of a successful attempt to reverse engineer Soviet Terror Drone technology, and then vastly improve upon its foundations.

Tactics Edit

"It slices! It dices! It chops and shreds, cuts and cubes! It pulverises! But wait, there's more..."

- A representative of Rapture Cybernetics, to a sceptical Legion Praetor

A tiny spinning drone, it's unclear exactly how the Fury stays airborne. The array of blades, drills and claws lining its body makes it a great deal more clear how it damages enemies. Diving into the fuselage of enemy planes, it quickly tears them apart and then stands by for further orders.

There is a chance that the Fury doesn't escape a downed aircraft, but such is the life for these unfortunate drones. The Fury can also bury itself into the ground, waiting like a mine for a passing aircraft before springing up into its underside. Unfortunately this tactic greatly decreases its chances of survival.

Mediterranean Syndicate Security Forces

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