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Fractal Tech
Faction ProtectorateLogoThumb Electrical Protectorate
Function Offensive Technology
Brief Application of spacetime rifts to disintegrate target

Fractal Energy is a genuinely bizarre discovery by the Electrical Protectorate; instead of following paths expected by anything in Euclidean geometry, beams of Fractal Energy will curve, travel around corners, loop in on themselves, and even spread in a fan shape, appearing to gain energy in direct contradiction of the square-cube law and first law of thermodynamics. For a long and fearful time, the souce of this energy and its bizarre effects was unknown. Thanks to the discovery of one brave engineer, we still don't know, but we have a hypothesis that is a convincing enough lie to serve for the moment.

Fractal energy appears to leak from singularities and irregularities in spacetime. This unpredictable yellow tangle of destructive energy has been seen generating power in a Singularity Core, as well as being generated by units containing a small singularity inside themselves. This theory seems supported; the singularity from a Pulsar Drone Missile has been seen to generate tiny bursts of fractal energy when investigated, although only one millionth the strength of that used by the Proctectorate forces.

To put it simply, in the first war, the Allied Chronosphere occasionally ripped an unpredictable hole in time, releasing destructive temporal energy; fractal energy is like a twin of this; leaking energy from cracks in space in a flurry of insane light.

This theory explains even the apparently unexplainable effects of fractal energy; not being bound by Euclidean geometry, every direction is a straight line to its target, whether over, under or even around obstacles in its way. As well as this, a powerful enough burst of fractal energy could create nanosecond rips in space, generating more of this energy to fan out. This explains why fractal beams seem to increase in energy; they don't. Rather, like the Protectorate it 'calls for reinforcements' to give the illusion of a break in the laws of physics.

However, as with everything in posession of the Protectorate, nothing is known for sure. As more buildings and mechanical deathbots roll out of the Siberian Wastes, only time will tell if we can survive the destructive bursts of Fractal Power before we are annihilated by them.

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