Fractal Module
Faction ProtectorateLogoThumb Electrical Protectorate
Cost Unknown
Production Time Unknown
Function Powerful Energy Weaponry
Brief Fires beams of Fractal energy, which spread the further they travel
Dev. Status Conceptual

Is it possible for the Protectorate to know fear? Although many would say no, the Protectorate do seem to avoid certain situations. Unwinnable battles, direct confrontations, and electromagnetic pulse weapons are avoided. Although some state this is simply tactics, these people are unable to explain why the Protectorate inexplicably shy away from one of their own modules.

The Fractal Module is an incredibly bizarre contradiction. Despite being a simple metal box on the outside, inside is the most fiendishly complicated technology ever created, designed to maintain and utilise a singularity. A singularity that is abnormally rich in fractal energy. This energy is then shot from Protectorate weapons, in a blinding yellow shockwave. This energy bursts from the epicenter, spreading in an unpredictable manner. Easily the most powerful module, nothing can survive its onslaught for long.

This is an obvious tactical benefit, but even the Protectorate seem to fear this module. When the unit carrying it is damaged, the module tends to go critical, creating a singularity inside the unit. Often, the A.I. is not able to transmit away, the signal being pulled inside the event horizon. These A.I.s never return. Even the Protectorate do not know where these A.I.s go, to their doom, or, with the Protectorate's love of cosmic horrors, to something even worse than that? No one is willing to find out.

Electrical Protectorate Infinite Army

Paradox-Exclusive Faction.

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