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Most factions possess walls to shield critical structures from unarmed engineer and spy units, and to increase their defense values against most weapons. They are constructed in a hub/segment manner, meaning a line of segments will be automatically build between two hubs. Walls are extremely cheap and thus mass-producable, so a commander should always shield structures such as Construction Yards or Ore Refineries. Do note that very big vehicles such as Apocalypse Tanks can simply crush walls.

Allied Barricade Edit

Barricades surrounding an Allied Construction Yard
Faction AlliedLogoThumb Allied Nations
Building Type Wall
Function Anti-unit blockade
Cost 5 per section
Construction Time 0:02
Power 0
Constructs -
Dev. Status Original RA3 Building
Country of Origin  Spainthumb Spain
Produced by  Barricadas y Muros, Madrid
Key Features  » Concrete Layers
 » Extra Iron Cover
 » Wall Segment Connector
 » Stylish Design
 » Automatic Graffiti Cleaner

The Allies use prefabricated concrete barricades originally designed to better organize civilians being evacuated from battlefields and major sporting events. They've proven effective enough to withstand enemy fire as well, so they now surround established Allied bases.


Cost 5
Build Time 0:02
Health 100
Power 0
Armour Type Bulkhead
Allied Nations Peacekeeping Divisions

Italics designate Paradox-Exclusive units and structures.

Infantry Attack DogPeacekeeperJavelin SoldierHeavy DefenderEngineerSpyRiflemanRiot AgentRocketeerTanyaPathfinderRocket Pathfinder
Vehicles MCVProspectorRiptide ACVMultigunner IFVArmoured Response VehiclePavlov Handler TankGuardian TankIcarus Mobile AAAHorizon Artillery TankMirage TankAthena CannonAssault StrikerStewart TankValkyrie Self-Propelled Gun
Experimental Vehicles Particle ExpellerFusion TorchtankBarkhausen ProjectorPlanck CompressorRosen Bridging TankPion Isospin ArrayHiggs MASS TankAres Mobile Solar CannonBohr Wavefunction Adjuster
Aircraft Apollo FighterVindicatorCardinal Transport CopterNightingale CarryallCryocopterLongbow LiberatorCentury Bomber
Heavy Aircraft Pulsar Drone MissileMesofortress GunshipAchilles Superiority FighterHeisenberg Assault CopterQuasar DroneFalcon Command Helicopter
Watercraft DolphinHydrofoilSwan Amphibious PlaneAssault LanderAssault DestroyerSubhunter FrigateAlert IcebreakerAircraft Carrier
Structures Construction YardPower PlantBoot CampOre RefineryArmour FacilityAirbaseStrategic Air CommandSeaportDefence BureauAeronautics ComplexExperimental WorkshopCommand HubChronosphereProton Collider
Defences BarricadeSecurity GateReductMultigunner TurretSpectrum TowerGAP TowerSingularity TowerCryo TowerGrand Collider
Protocols Allied Protocols
Surveillance Sweep/Air Recon SweepChemical MortarsSurgical StrikeAirborne AttackBlitzkrieg!Cryo SatDisinformationGPS LockTime BombChrono SwapWire-Guided Missile StrikeMicrowave BurstGOOP StrikeClockstopShrink VortexChrono Rift
Lore Units Cryo LegionnaireFuture Tank X-1Harbinger GunshipPacifier FAVGrand Cannon
Technologies Spectrum TechnologyCryotechnologyGravametricsChronotechnologyTheoretical TechnologyAutoFix "Zakmes" DroneAllied Small Arms and Equipment
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Confederate Concrete Wall Edit

Concrete Wall
A stretch of Concrete Wall
Faction ConfederateLogoThumb Confederate Revolutionaries
Building Type Wall
Function Anti-unit blockade
Cost 10 per section
Construction Time 0:05
Power 0
Constructs None
Dev. Status In game
Country of Origin  USAthumb United States
Recovered from  B&B Building and Construction, Reno
Key Features  » Concrete Layers
 » More concrete
 » Barbed wire
 » Graffiti
 » Sandwiches for builders

The Confederates needed something that was easy to put up and cheap to protect their bases. To that end, they simply put up a mold and pour in concrete. Some barbed wire on top completes the wall, plus some anti-Allied graffiti in some cases. They are best used in conjunction with Security Gates.

Confederate Revolutionaries Continental Army

Paradox-Exclusive Faction.

Infantry Guard DogMinutemanAmazon WarriorMortar InfantryMarksmanMechanicThiefDelta RangerTunnel RatDixie
Combat Vehicles Ranger Scout CarDustrunner BuggyBeagle Light TankMastiff Medium TankJackson APCLee AA Half-TrackBulldog Tank DestroyerM100 Artillery TrackSidewinder Burrow Tank
Support Vehicles MCVTransport TruckAmbulanceMinelayerJammer TruckPAWI TruckDemo TruckRemote CarWeasel Utility TankHimmelhammer Van
Aircraft Sparrow Scout HelicopterHawker JumpjetDuster BomberBluejay TransportLongbow Helicopter MK ISkyfortress
Watercraft Patrol BoatTorpedo BoatRazor SubTurtle Mini-SubDestroyerFrigateCruiserOmni-Lander
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Construction Vehicles DozerConstruction Truck
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Protocols Confederate Protocols
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Detailed Information Second American Civil WarThe New UnionConfederate CharactersConfederate Support NetworkLand of the FreeEnvironmental Concern

Soviet Brick Wall Edit

Brick Wall
Soviet Brick Wall
Faction SovietLogoThumb Soviet Union
Building Type Wall
Function Anti-unit blockade
Cost 10 per section
Construction Time 0:05
Power 0
Constructs None
Dev. Status Original RA3 Building
Country of Origin  RussianSFSRthumb Soviet Union
Manufactured at  Worker Class Association
Key Features  » Large cinder blocks
 » Small bricks
 » Reinforced steel bars
 » Search light (x1 per hub)
 » Spikes

Never ones for subtlety, the Soviets use massive walls of cinder blocks reinforced with steel as their ominous protection for their sprawling bases. Ever paranoid about Spies, each tower has a searchlight in case of night infiltrations.

Just the StatsEdit

Brick Wall

Cost 50
Build Time 0:2
Health 100
Power 0
Armour Type Bulkhead

Soviet Union Red Army

Italics designate Paradox-Exclusive units and structures.

Infantry War BearConscriptFlak TrooperGrenadierCombat EngineerTesla TrooperSoviet SniperCommissarChemical TrooperGagarin X BattlesuitNatashaSpetsnazConscriptnaught
Vehicles MCVOre CollectorSputnikDump TruckBullfrogSickleMyeche MML TrackThresher Battle WalkerVampire Leech WalkerAlkonost Propaganda WalkerPerun Tank DestroyerKatyusha Truck
Tanks Pincer ICVAnvil Heavy TankFlak TraktorHammer TankScytheMag-Lift TankFlaming IvanApocalypse TankV4 Rocket LauncherScrapper TankElephant Tank
Drones Terror DronePhobia DroneToxin DroneCrisis DroneTesla DroneLaika Drone
Aircraft MiG FighterTwinbladeYaK Dive BomberShturmovik Attack PlaneBarrage BalloonKirov AirshipZhukov War Zeppelin
Watercraft StingrayAkula SubOrca LanderManta EkranoplanPotemkin WarshipDreadnoughtHammerhead Ballistic Sub
Structures Construction YardReactorBarracksSmelterTank FactoryVehicle FactoryAirfieldNaval YardSuper ReactorBattle LabIndustrial PlantTelescreen TowerCrusher CraneOutpostIron CurtainVacuum Imploder
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Protocols Soviet Protocols
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Imperial Fortress Wall Edit

Fortress Wall
Fortress Walls protecting an Imperial Construction Yard.
Faction EmpireLogoThumb Empire of the Rising Sun
Building Type Wall
Function Anti-unit blockade
Cost 10 per section
Construction Time 0:05
Power 0
Constructs None
Dev. Status Original RA3 Building
Country of Origin  Japanthumb Japan
Created by  Tenzai Robotics (effectively)
Key Features  » Complex nano-alloy forms basic structure
 » Additional plates for stability
 » Stylistic attachments (glowing)
 » "Seamless" ports between sections
 » Traditionally designed hubs

The Empire of the Rising Sun used a complex nano-alloy to make walls for its bases. Since they're easy to make and relatively inexpensive compared to concrete, the Japanese were free to sculpt them in the shape of the walls that surround Japanese castles.

Just the StatsEdit

Fortress Wall

Cost 10
Build Time 0:05
Health 75
Power 0
Armour Type Bulkhead
Empire of the Rising Sun Defence Forces

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Vehicles MCVOre CollectorSudden TransportAuto GoTanuki Vector AssaultTsunami TankJishin Buster TankTedate ProjectorWave-Force ArtilleryIsha Vector Jet TankIzanagi Devastator Tank
Mecha Mecha Tengu/Jet TenguIkiryo Mini-MechaMecha Kitsune/Quad KitsuneStriker-VX/Chopper-VXHanzo ZSamehada Buster MechaKing OniMecha Nezumi/Tank NezumiKintaroSentai Command Mecha
Dedicated Aircraft Raijin X Ground StrikerFujin Variable StrikerHachiman Aerial TransportMasakari Drone Command
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Construction Nanocore
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Protocols Imperial Protocols
BunrakuSpider NestSpeed ReconSleeper AmbushMotorizationFinal SquadronHot BloodedRetreat Under FireSudden DropoffBalloon BombsNo BarriersPoint Defence Drones
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Detailed Information Imperial MechaImperial TanksImperial NavyImperial Air ForceImperial Zaibatsu and Military ContractorsImperial CharactersTwilight of the EmpireYakuza

Chinese Curtain Wall Edit

Curtain Wall
File:AKoC CurtainWall.jpg
Schematics of the Curtain Wall
Faction ChinaLogoThumb Atomic Kingdom of China
Building Type Wall
Function Anti-unit blockade
Cost 10 per section
Construction Time 0:05
Power 0
Constructs None
Dev. Status Textured


The Great Wall of China has been in existence for more than two millennia. Over the course of centuries, it protected the northern borders of China from its various enemies. However, the Great Wall has not aged well. The accumulated damage of several thousand years of weathering has taken its toll, and already the wall had been rebuilt several times; the majority of the existing wall during the Civil War period was built by the Ming Dynasty in the 15th century.

The atomic holocaust scarred it further; massive sections of the wall had been wiped out due to their proximity to targets of atomic bombs. In the aftermath of the holocaust, the newly risen Atomic Kingdom should have ignored it as a relic of the past not worth bothering about, especially when they had more pressing concerns.

Should is the operative word here. For Atomic China rebuilt the entire length of the Great Wall, replicating a feat that cost a million workers and countless years in several months, with the aid of duplicator technology. The reason for the wall's reconstruction is a mystery to anyone outside of the Kingdom. Some of those within the Kingdom know better.

The Great Wall was rebuilt not out of sentimentality, but for a practical reason. Coming from the north, from the desolate wasteland that was once Mongolia, were hordes of monstrosities, the true nature of which was unknown to the people of the Atomic Kingdom. Just like their ancestors had done thousands of years ago, the Atomic Chinese rebuilt the wall to keep out the invaders coming from the north.

Not that they cared for the wall's original appearance. Practicality was of the upmost import here, and massive duplicator facilities were set up by the wall. Within months, where crumbling stone and mortar had once stood, there was a mighty wall of toughened material, in the black and green of the Atomic Kingdom, stretching unbroken across the entire northern border.

Massively reinforced gates guarded the crossing points along the wall, fortified with powerful defences. Little trace remained of the old wall. There were, of course, some academics who protested mightily at the Kingdom's careless desecration of such a historical item, but few inside the Kingdom actually cared, so their calls went unheeded.

The basic design of those walls was transplanted into the walls that now grace nearly all Atomic Chinese bases. These Curtain Walls are made of the same toughened material, and like the Great Wall once did, they hold back the many enemies of Atomic China.

Atomic Kingdom of China Royal Guard

Paradox-Exclusive Faction.

Infantry TigerWatchmanJiang ShiFirework MistressScholarCourtesanNoble OfficerKite WarriorMingxia
Vehicles Horse Ore CollectorSerpent Light TankNian TankSwine Dig TankRooster Pull TankMobile GarrisonMantis War-WalkerZodiac Fist
Aircraft Orbital Command VehicleWar ThroneBird of PreyPeng Streamer PlaneThunderbird DropshipDefiance Flying JunkEclipse Star Voyager
Watercraft Ray-SharkJiaolong Torpedo ShipKun Ballistic SubGreat Wing ShipRoyal Gong ShipQilin Ray CruiserSea Hawk Infinite Battleship
Structures Command YardSpace ElevatorPlanetary AssemblyAtomic GeneratorAnti-Matter GeneratorBarrier DuplicatorEmplacement RegulatorTurret RegulatorOutpost ManagerStarfleet DatabaseCelestial DepotTeleport HubMissile SiloAtomic Palace
Low-end Turrets Radio EmplacementRay TurretDisruptor EmplacementTractor EmplacementWatchtowersTorpedo Turret
High-end Turrets Teleforce CannonPull TurretGraviton TowerTeleport BunkerShield TowerAnnihilator Turret
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Technologies Atomic FissionRay WeaponsPlanar ShieldsRadio WeaponryAnti-MatterTractor BeamsTeleportationJadeCloning
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Syndicate Company Housing Edit

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Company Housing
Faction SyndicateLogoThumb Mediterranean Syndicate
Building Type Wall
Function Anti-unit blockade
Cost Unknown
Construction Time Unknown
Power Unknown
Constructs -
Dev. Status Conceptual
Country of Origin  Varied Countries
Shipped by  Various Syndicate construction companies
Key Features  » Concrete foundation (cheap)
 » Plywood insulation
 » Wiring (sans electricity)
 » Concrete outer walls (cheaper)
 » Roomy basement/brawling arena

Tactical Analysis Edit

  • Hardened Walls: Despite their lack of amenities, and even basic essentials, these houses are sturdy enough to stand up to enemy fire.
  • The Arty Net: All Company Housing blocks are built incredibly tall. Tall enough to block most conventional artillery weapons. Syndicate units can take advantage of this by firing and then hiding behind the massive structures.
  • Who's the real deal?: A common tactic of Syndicate commanders is to mix Company Housings in with the Sprawl Housing Protocol. Opponents will usually be caught off-guard when buildings they thought were empty are suddenly shooting at them.
  • Aircraft Defence Not Guaranteed: The downside to these walls is aircraft can fly over them without so much as a murmur. There is also nothing stopping your opponents from simply shooting their way through the buildings instead of navigating alleys (though this would likely take them longer).

Operational History Edit

In every area that Legion Security, and by extension, the Syndicate, operates, the influence of their Sprawls are omnipresent. If one were to walk by a base run by Legion Security, you would notice dozens of half and unfinished houses thrown together by the company. Most of these cheaply constructed concrete buildings will be used to house the base's many personnel.

Room and board for the buildings is free to any personnel that don't wish (or don’t have the money) to stay in the more expensive and cushiony barracks. However, because most of the buildings aren’t even finished and some even lack basic necessities like plumbing, most workers are left with not much choice but to pay a little extra out of their paychecks if they desire a decent bed.

The usual pattern when these buildings are constructed is that they are built en-masse at the edge of a base, are incredibly tall, and are required to take up as little space as possible. The end result is a literal wall of scattered buildings that are tall enough to block enemy artillery and force ground units to navigate through alleyways, if they don’t decide to destroy the buildings outright.

Mediterranean Syndicate Security Forces

Paradox-Exclusive Faction.

Infantry War WolfAuxiliaryLegionnaire‎HopliteCertamanArgonautImmuneHelios SecuritySatyrCenturionPerseus Battlesuit
Battlesuits Praetorian BattlesuitHercules Heavy ArmourHector Suppression ArmourHarpy Air-Mobile ArmourTitan Security ArmourMars Artillery ArmourSpartan Battle ArmourDryad Support ArmourMinerva
Vehicles Sisyphus Transport TruckHydraTestudoTalosLamiaColossusMedusaClassics Limo
Aircraft PhoenixChariot TransportFury Combat DroneMercury Uplink CopterAlexander Private JetPegasus Combat Helicopter
Watercraft Man O' WarNeptune SpeedboatScylla SpeedboatILIAD PlatformSiren SubTerramerene GunboatPluto Airmobile SubmarineCadmus Escort Carrier
Structures HeadquartersZero-Point GeneratorAcademyHall of HeroesPharma DispenserVulcans ForgeAerodomeMarinaBlack MarketResearch DepartmentDigitech Aura ProjectorWeather Control Machine
Defences Company HousingMono-Wire WallViaAcropolisGyro TurretRailgun TurretMissile TurretHacker Tower
Technologies GyrojetsRailgunsCyberneticsAurasSyndicate DrugsWeather ControlZero-point EnergySyndicate Small Arms and Equipment
Detailed Information Syndicate Military SubsidiariesSyndicate Civilian SubsidiariesThe SprawlSyndicatus Populusque SprawlusSyndicate Chain of CommandLa Violencia

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