Final Squadron
Faction EmpireLogoThumb Empire of the Rising Sun
Function Attack Power
Brief Drones fire randomly before crashing into the designated target

Classification Level: Tertius

To: Brotherhood of St. Thomas, Order of Aperta Scriptum, Chamber Militant

From: Chamber Vigilant

Subject: Technical intelligence, Empire of the Rising Sun

Interrogation: Masoko Kami Okamura, Chamber Auxiliary aspirant (probationary period)

Inquisitor T. Janning presiding

Janning: "The blueprints for the Imperial cruiser and amphibious fighter you obtained have been passed to the appropriate hands. A generous gift, aspirant, but we have other questions about Imperial technology."

Okamura: "Of course, Inquisitor-dono. I'll tell you everything I know."

Janning: "Your honorifics betray you. You are not in the Empire."

Okamura: "Yes, my lord. Forgive me."

Janning: "We are interested in the suicide craft the Empire used during the war. The "Final Squadron," as Imperial commanders called it."

Okamura: "That's not really my field, so I can't tell you anything detailed, but I know they're products of AI research. Before the war began, all the propaganda said we would never have to put a man in harm's way. Computers would win the entire war for us. Obviously, the zaibatsu couldn't deliver on that particular promise, but those drones were overhead almost every time Emperor Yoshiro wanted to make an impression. Which was all the time."

Janning: "That sounds like a great deal of effort for suicide craft."

Okamura: "I don't think that's what they were intended for. All the cartoons before the war showed the drones shooting down those Allied super-fighters and Soviet airships. Shortly after the war began, all the cartoons started showing them crashing into enemies to save the lives of Imperial soldiers. If you want an educated guess, I think the drones were intended to counter Allied and Soviet aircraft, but when they failed at that, the Empire decided to use up their stocks productively."

Janning: "Interesting. Next, what do you know of the Imperial walker program? ..."

60px Final Section A section of drones fire randomly with kinetic weapons before crashing into the target.
Final Flight A flight of drones fire randomly with kinetic weapons before crashing into the target.
60px Final Squadron A squadron of drones fire randomly with kinetic weapons before crashing into the target.
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