These pages are detail for people interested in writing about the Paradox Universe. It is not well laid out, it is not pretty, and it's got none of the fun or flavour of the lore proper. It's boring technical stuff you'll be able to see in more interesting form elsewhere on the wiki. If you aren't sure if you should read em, don't.

The DocumentsEdit

General Setting Details

Allied Faction Bible

Rebel Faction Bible

Soviet Faction Bible

Empire Faction Bible

Order Faction Bible

Kingdom Faction Bible

Syndicate Faction Bible

Protectorate Faction Bible

Minor Faction Bible

Faction Bibles

General Setting DetailsAllied Faction BibleRebel Faction BibleSoviet Faction BibleEmpire Faction BibleOrder Faction BibleKingdom Faction BibleSyndicate Faction BibleProtectorate Faction BibleMinor Faction Bible

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