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Page 14 of the International Inc catalogue, with the Enforcer, the Vanquisher and the Skysweeper
Minor Faction IntIncLogoThumb International Inc
Other Faction(s) None
Unit Type Infantry
Designation Anti Ground
Production Building International Inc Warehouse
Secondary Ability Switch Grenade Launcher/Submachine Gun
Cost Unknown
Production Time Unknown
Heroic Upgrade Battle Rifle/Rocket Launcher
• Increased damage and range
• Anti-air for rocket launcher
Dev. Status Textured
Country of Origin  Switzerlandthumb Switzerland
Trained at  International Inc HQ, Geneva
Key Features  » Schmeisser MP 45 submachine gun
 » M79 grenade launcher
 » Spare cash (several hundred dollars)
 » Facial scar (impressive)
 » Stash of forged passports

"Chicks digs scars. And shrapnel."

- International Inc. Enforcer Mattias Nilsson

Tactical AnalysisEdit

  • Soldiers of Fortune: Mercenaries operating under the banner of International Inc, Enforcers aren't the most capable soldiers on the battlefield, but they are fairly cheap.
  • Secondhand Weapons: Enforcers are generally armed with submachine guns effective against infantry, but not much else. Fortunately, they also carry grenade launchers are suited to dealing with heavier targets, like vehicles.
  • Paid to Kill, not to Die: Enforcers do have a number of weaknesses. Obviously, they cannot attack aircraft, so it is advised to bring along anti-air support. Tanks are also a problem, seeing as neither their grenade launchers nor their SMGs are likely to be much good against such targets.
  • More Bang for your Buck: Those Enforcers who have been around long enough usually spend some of their money to buy themselves better weapons. Usually, this consists of an FN FAL battle rifle, and an RDM-9 rocket launcher.


When someone wants to become a mercenary, the smart thing to do is to join Legion Security. The Syndicate owned PMC has consistently dominated the market for mercenaries for the last few decades, and if one takes up a job offer with them they are guaranteed steady pay and access to some of the most advanced equipment in the world, among other advantages.

Of course, there are those who choose not to join Legion Security for their own reasons, be it that they prefer to work alone or that they don't like having to give up a portion of their pay. Generally, these mercenaries don't do so well, as Legion Security doesn't take kindly to competitors. Needless to say, startup PMCs trying to compete with Legion Security for a share of the market usually don't last very long, with most either being forced into bankruptcy or assimilation into the Syndicate PMC.

More recently, however, International Inc has taken an interest in breaking the Syndicate monopoly on the PMC market, with their successes in other areas. Though they don't have the massive finances of the Syndicate, they still have significant resources that they can tap on to back this new venture. Though some mercenaries consider it a Hobson's choice, nevertheless a large number of experienced mercenaries, as well as many newcomers, have flocked over to International Inc's side, to the annoyance of the Syndicate.

Admittedly, International Inc's mercenaries--who go by the collective name of Enforcers -- are nowhere as well equipped as the Syndicate's Legionnaires. For the most part, they are armed with weapons dating back to World War II, such as MP 45 submachine guns--hardly cutting edge. On the other hand, it is far cheaper to arm mercenaries with outdated weapons than to equip them with the latest gyrojets and railguns. Time will tell how successful International Inc's foray into the mercenary business will be, but so far they seem to have enjoyed a decent rate of success, with several dozen contracts to their name.

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