Empire of the Rising Sun
The Empire of the Rising Sun Banner
Playstyle Manoeuvre Warfare
Faction Colour Orange
Type Original Red Alert 3 faction
Dev. Status Original units and building in-game

"The days when you were crazy,

Are the fragments of your dream.

Collecting those fragments,

You'll awaken tomorrow.

I can see it, your courage."

"Otokotachi no Nadesico" - "Men of the Nadesico"

The Empire of the Rising Sun, also known as the Empire, the Japanese, or Japan, is a previously existing faction being expanded upon for Red Alert 3 Paradox. The original faction was designed and created by Electronic Arts.

At a Glance Edit

Faction Color Orange.
Playstyle Manoeuvre warfare.
Preferred Theatre of Operations Open waters.
Strengths Abundance of amphibious options, very powerful late game, extreme speed focus, flexible transforming units, fast expanding.
Weaknesses Fragile units and structures, slow teching, best units not amphibious, late game prohibitably expensive.
Intended Players "Pro" Players with high APM.

Background Edit

The Winged Term, Honour Edit

Empire of the Rising Sun Diplomatic Relations
Faction Relationship
AlliedLogoThumb Allied Nations IconPeace Peace
ConfederateLogoThumb Confederate Revolutionaries IconHostile Hostile
SovietLogoThumb Soviet Union IconHostile Hostile
EmpireLogoThumb Empire of the Rising Sun N/A
TalonLogoThumb Order of the Talon IconUnknown Unknown
ChinaLogoThumb Atomic Kingdom of China IconWar War
SyndicateLogoThumb Mediterranean Syndicate IconHostile Hostile
IconUnknown Unknown

"With enough time, any man may master the physical. With enough knowledge, any man may become wise. It is a true warrior who can master both."

- Emperor Yoshiro

Late Emperor Yoshiro was a man of honour. A strong traditionalist, he followed the code of Bushido, the way of the samurai. He knew, with dedication, endurance, a sharp mind and a honourable way of acting as well as hard training, a warrior can reach victory no matter the odds. Self-sure, he placed his ideal above everything else, and formed the military in this way. He believed in the divine destiny which meant the Empire with him as the leader is supposed by the Gods to rule the world. Most of his commanders were Shogun themselves, knowing the way of Bushido, and transmitted this codex down to even the most common soldiers.

Crown Prince Tatsu, the only son of the Emperor, thought in a different direction. To him, it was not dedication of honour what mattered, but the force and number of the weapons of the warrior wielding them. This new-age thinking along with Tatsu's brilliant mind as an engineer and tactician often clashed with his father's beliefs.

The result was a combination of both traditionalism and technological advance. Weapons designed in the style of 100 years ago were combined with modern Nanotechnology, basic soldiers wielded both mid-ranged firearms and katana, Shinobi fought alongside unarmed men in white business suits and even women were seen on battlefields, or actually above them.

The military was by far and about the largest contractor and scientific drive in the Japanese community, which was almost completely isolated after the short appearance it made in World War II, where crude Mecha fought in a few battles alongside the Allied Nations.

Imperial Shadow Edit

Empire of the Rising Sun Minor Diplomatic Relations
Faction Relationship
ARVNLogoThumb Army of the Republic of Vietnam IconNeutral Neutral
ReserveLogoThumb Allied Reservists IconPeace Peace
BlueChinaLogoThumb National Revolutionary Army IconHostile Hostile
VietcongLogoThumb Vietcong IconHostile Hostile
RedChinaLogoThumb Communist China IconHostile Hostile
GLALogoThumb Global Liberation Army IconHostile Hostile
IntIncLogoThumb International Inc IconNeutral Neutral
IconUnknown Unknown

Forgotten from the outside world, the Empire underwent a dramatic inner change. Ever heavier militarized, even more so than say the Soviet Union, the mere bulk of willing soldiers grew every year by a large margin. The technology allowed it. Modern computer systems, utilizing a technology named Integrated Circuit, allowed computer systems to become smaller and cheaper while at the same time becoming more effective. Soon large banks of computers were installed all over the Empire, controlling nanobots and vehicles, production assemblies and household goods with a high degree of accuracy and they could easily be expanded.

Radio signals in the air, decoded by military structures, contain the data for Nanotechnology to form all the assets needed on the battlefield while Imperial men in the millions stand ready to serve and if necessary give their lives for the Emperor. Giant battleships, accompanied by small submersibles and amphibious tanks trained in the open seas around the Empire, while the scientific community created more and newer weapons for the warriors. Structures could be assembled in record time with Nanocores driving around in search for expansion posts, even on water. Giant artificial islands, some mobile, were built in underwater stations and outfitted with one of the most destructive technologies available, all the while remaining a secret to everyone else.

Shinobi and humanoid robots spied in the leading cadres of the world, changing and deleting information about the giant storm in the east, and while the Allied Nations and the Soviet Union were busy with each other a huge ambush plan was initiated. Then, when the Soviet Union was careless in its hour of victory, the Empire attacked like a tsunami with a wave of tanks by the same name, supported by the newest generation of Mecha, battleships and battalions of infantry already placed around the globe. No one noticed, no one expected, and no one survived the first wave. Taken completely by surprise, Emperor Yoshiro himself opened the first act of the Empire by giving a life video message to Premier Cherdenko of the Soviet Union.

"You will bow before us or you will cease to exist!"

- Emperor Yoshiro opening the attack

The war for the divine destiny had begun.

A Broken Dream Edit

After the war, the Empire was in despair. Both Emperor Yoshiro and his only child, Crown Prince Tatsu, died in their own battles. With no members of the Imperial family left, a Shogun by the name of Shiro Kamina took over and became the new Emperor. Quickly lofted into the nation's hearts and minds, he was widely accepted into the position almost instantly, and things are looking on the up-and-up for the Empire for the first time since they entered the war.

But there is a lot of damage. The Empire has to work hard, now more than ever, to repel its numerous enemies. Most alarmingly, the new, strange army of the Atomic Kingdom of China seem hellbent on the Empire's destruction. Tensions with the Soviet Union remain high, and with Japan's entry into the international market it is facing stiff economic competition from the Mediterranean Syndicate.

A New Peace Edit

Unlike Yoshiro, Emperor Kamina tried to form a steady peace with the Allied Nations instead of only a cease fire, which the Allies thankfully accepted. Since then, many changes have occurred in the Empire, as the insular island nation has opened up to foreigninfluences and has also begun to make its presence felt on the world market. This does not mean that the Empire has become pacifist, or given up on its dreams of a world spanning Japanese Empire; the truth is quite different.

Emperor Kamina simply changed the agenda of the Imperial military into a defence force, so that instead of acquiring more land the military defends the Empire with its life. With the advice of Shogun Shinzo and under the leadership of young Kamina, the Empire will head into a new era of prosperity.

With the Allied Nations on their side, a heavy exchange of culture and goods has begun. Household goods have become less expensive, television becomes more widespread and western exotic clothes are becoming more common in the Empire. On the other hand, the Allied Nations become ever more heavily technologized, with the modern computer systems from the Empire, nanomachines reconstructing destroyed cities such as Berlin, London and Paris, and the overall way of Japanese life becoming increasingly famous in the western countries.

Only the stars know how the development of the world will continue on with this new relationship.

Development Edit

The new Empire of the Rising Sun game elements will be along with the Soviet Union faction to reduce production time between the first and second packages.

The faction, including the new elements from Red Alert 3 Paradox, will have a total of 12 buildings, 7 defensive structures and 43 units (11 infantry, 11 vehicles, 9 mecha, 1 construction unit (counting the several Nanocores as one unit), 3 dedicated aircraft, 8 watercraft).

Tech TreeEdit


Units and Structures Edit

"Just as there is one Sun in the sky, so too is there one Empire. And under that one Empire, there is one Nation of people. And to protect that nation, there is the Defence Force. See the rows upon rows of loyal warriors, each one the pinnacle of their position within society! See the shining Mechanicals and Armoured Divisions, their paint bright and their banners gleaming with the light of the Sun! Listen to the roar of the glorious Imperial Airforce and the ripples left in the wake of the Imperial Navy, and know that together they will overcome any obstacle. Everything is in its place, and like a great machine it all comes together into one vast whole."

- Opening broadcast of the "Imperial Defence Force And You" show, which instructs and teaches Imperial subjects about proper interaction with soldiers and military officials.

Elements in italics in the list designate Paradox-exclusive units and structures.

Buildings Edit

Construction Yard The Construction Yard builds Nanocores, which in turn unfurl into structures.
Instant Generator These cheap but fragile generators supply power to Imperial bases.
Instant Dojo These structures house the Empire's infantry out in the field, and can be upgraded to accomodate more advanced infantry.
Infantry Base This structure heals infantry in a radius around it, and can produce motorbikes that infantry can use to get around quickly.
Instant Processor Ore Collectors bring their cargo here, where ore is broken down into its raw elements with nanotechnology to fund the Empire's war effort.
Mecha Bay The Mecha Bay assembles the famed Imperial mecha divisions, and can be upgraded to support more advanced mecha.
Instant Garage This amphibious garage houses the amphibious vehicles of the Empire, and can be upgraded to support the more advanced vehicles in the Imperial arsenal.
Incredible Mobile Fortress Tatsu Armed with an impressive array of kinetic burst guns and missiles, this mobile airfield can construct and support up to six dedicated aircraft. In addition, the Incredible Mobile Fortress can repair and rearm friendly units and transport a large number of ground vehicles.
Support Airbase Three runways and an airpad provide a base from which the dedicated aircraft of the Empire of the Rising Sun can operate.
Instant Docks These Docks support the ships of the formidable Imperial Navy, and can be upgraded to support the Empire's more advanced naval vessels.
Nanotech Mainframe This expensive structure allows for the construction of several new technologies and unlocks the Breakthrough upgrade, allowing production buildings to be upgraded further to deploy the mightiest units of the Empire.
Nanoswarm Hive This structure creates a barrier of nanomachines that blocks enemy units and fire, in addition to degrading their armour over time. Friendly units, however, can pass through and fire at will.
Psionic Decimator When fully charged, this device unleashes a powerful wave of psionic energy that kills infantry, empties vehicles of their crews, and disables defences and structures temporarily.


Fortress Wall These sculpted nano-alloy walls are similar in function to other factions' walls, if different in design.
Nanoscreen Wall These walls act like normal walls, but when ordered to can dissolve into a massive cloud of nanites, which wipe out tanks within range almost instantly, but are harmless to infantry.
Security Gate Gates reinforced with nano-alloys and stylistic assets from the walls. They blend in nicely into an Imperial base and protect critical points from infiltration.
Defender VX This base defence can change its fire mode between anti-ground burst cannons and anti-air missiles.
Tankbuster Turret Armed with an upscaled plasma-cutter cannon like those used by the Tankbusters, Tankbuster Turrets can retreat under their hardened shells, which makes them extremely hard to destroy, and they hit very hard against vehicles of all sorts.
Disassembler Tower This weapon takes apart enemy vehicles using a beam of nanites, and then uses the parts it takes to boost the effectiveness of nearby units. It is rather fragile, but can fire over walls.
Noise Detector Without modern radar systems, Japan is forced to depend upon noise detectors like this one. Computer calculation and monitoring systems allow long range early warning of approaching aircraft. When an enemy is detected, specially modified burst drones are sent out, attaching to enemy aircraft before engaging stealth systems. They lower the defence of aircraft they attach to and monitor their movements.
Wave-Force Tower Those towers unleash annihilating beams onto enemy ground units and can fire prematurely, but will then have a weaker shot than with full power.
Spider Hole Camouflaged from prying eyes, the Spider Hole can garrison one soldier and is highly resistant to damage. It is spawned via the Spider Nest protocol.

Infantry Edit

Burst Drone These dragonfly-like drones detect stealth and can attach to friendly vehicles to act as a stealth detector, or attach to enemy vehicles to slow them down. They can self destruct while attached to an enemy vehicle to damage it.
Imperial Warrior Imperial Warriors are equipped with anti-infantry kinetic-burst carbines, and can switch to their infantry slaying beam katanas temporarily, boosting their speed and allowing them to degarrison buildings.
Tankbuster Tankbusters wield energy damage plasma-cutters that are highly devastating against tanks. They can bury into the ground, which prevents them from being crushed and gives them stealthed properties, but prevents them from moving or firing.
Masamune A small, amphibious robot, the Masamune is armed with anti-air rocket pods, and can switch to shock paddles that can temporarily disable enemy vehicles and buildings.
Engineer Unarmed, amphibious and capable of capturing or repairing structures, Imperial Engineers distinguish themselves from other engineers by their ability to sprint for short periods of time
Holotree Sniper Armed with a high suppression SMG while moving, the Holotree Sniper must deploy a sniper perch to use his sniper rifle. He is shorter ranged than most snipers, but his holographically disguised perch makes him hard to root out once hidden.
Shinobi Fast and amphibious infiltrators, these warriors assassinate infantry with a ninja-to and shurikens, and can also throw smoke bombs to distract enemies. They are very strong when working alone but weak when massed.
Ashigaru Bombardier Reserve infantry conscripted from citizens deemed less capable on the front lines, Ashigaru support the front line troopers with light automortars that can clear out buildings. They are also demolition experts who can completely destroy a structure given a few seconds in close proximity to it. When garrisoned, they lob grenades at enemies.
Rocket Angel Women clad in flight-capable battlesuits and armed with missile pods and kinetic blasters, Rocket Angels can take on both ground and air targets, and can switch to paralysis whips that hold a single enemy unit in place.
Tsukumogami Proto-Suit An A.I. with human-like intellect and a startlingly lifelike shell, the Tsukumogami starts off with no weapon, but can use a rapid prototyping system to copy weapons from friends and foes alike.
Battle Psychic Lightly armoured psychic agents who can take down both ground and air targets with telekinetic darts, Battle Psychics can also project shields to intercept enemy attacks. In groups, they boost the effectiveness of one another and of Yuriko Omega, and are immune to her psychic scream.
Yuriko Omega This incredibly powerful psychic is without peer; Yuriko can attack ground and air targets with invisible darts, cast aside infantry platoons, levitate and crush aircraft carriers, or topple a Construction Yard. As she always levitates, water is no obstacle for her, and she can unleash an infantry killing psychic scream should she be surrounded.

Vehicles Edit

MCV The Imperial MCV can deploy into a Construction Yard to produce Nanocores. It is fully amphibious like other MCVs.
Ore Collector Intended to collect ore to fund the Empire's war effort, the Imperial Ore Collector can switch to combat mode if it is attacked, gaining an anti-infantry machine gun and a shield, but dropping its ore in the process.
Sudden Transport An amphibious 5-man transport, the Sudden Transport has paper thin armour and is unarmed, but can assume the guise of another vehicle.
Auto Go This cheap, fast moving car is amphibious and armed with an anti-air missile array. With its speed and ability to jump across terrain, the Auto-Go can pursue enemy aircraft until they are brought down.
Tanuki Vector Assault This fast-moving hover vehicle is armed with a kinetic-burst canister gun great against groups of infantry. It can release small drones to intercept vehicles and slow them down with electromagnetic pulses to allow the Tanuki to escape.
Tsunami Tank This amphibious tank has a main gun that performs well against vehicles and to a lesser extent structures. The Tsunami can also deactivate its main weapon to self repair and gain an armour and speed boost.
Jishin Buster Tank Capable burying itself into the ground as a turret, the Jishin excels against tanks, but suffers against everything else.
Tedate Projector The Tedate Projector can place down a short-lived sphere of nanites that stops most ground based attacks, or lock down a unit, disabling it completely but making it completely indestructible.
Wave-Force Artillery Firing tremendous blasts of energy that can pass through multiple targets and level structures with ease, the Wave-Force Artillery can also discharge its weapon prematurely at the cost of reducing damage.
Isha Vector Jet Tank The Isha is best described as an anti-tank interceptor, with its blinding speed, rapid fire kinetic-burst cannon, and need to replenish its limited ammunition stores at a base once it runs out. It can activate its DoubleDrive system, boosting its speed and firepower but lowering its defences.
Izanagi Devastator Tank In wheeled form, the Izanagi can cross water and land with impressive speed, engaging ground and air targets with kinetic-burst autocannons and missile pods. Switching into walker form allows it to use its Fujiwara cannon, a weapon of devastating power.

Mecha Edit

Mecha Tengu/
Jet Tengu
This kinetic-burst autocannon armed machine can switch forms between an amphibious anti-infantry mecha and a swift air superiority fighter.
Ikiryo Mini-Mecha Standing slightly taller than an infantryman, the Ikiryo is fast but unarmed, and can carry a single passenger. It can also leap onto an enemy vehicle to take control of it, though it can be shot off fairly easily.
Mecha Kitsune/
Quad Kitsune
The Kitsune can transform from a fast but unarmed quad form to a distinctly feminine mecha form, which is armed with a burst-dealing sniper cannon that can shoot over walls.
A transforming mecha, the missile armed VX can go from anti-air walker to anti-tank helicopter with a click of its secondary.
Hanzo Z Wielding an oversized rifle effective against light vehicles and a thick shield that affords significant protection against frontal attacks, the Hanzo Z’s ability lets it briefly activate its thrusters, boosting its speed greatly.
Samehada Buster Mecha Blade-like toes leave the Samehada with a ponderous speed on land, but a very fast speed on water. Its plasma-cutter is highly effective against tanks and ships, and it can dive underwater to transform into its submerged form, becoming an effective submarine hunter.
King Oni A monstrous robot without equal, the King Oni can melt tanks with its eye-beams and smash structures with its powerful arms. Its secondary has it rush at a target, slamming into it with its massive bulk and dealing tremendous damage.
Mecha Nezumi/
Tank Nezumi
The Nezumi's heavy machine-gun turret offers it protection while it moves into position across land and water, before it deploys into the relatively slow mecha form, which is armed with a large, indirect artillery piece taken from the Shogun battleship. Very powerful, but with a limited turning traverse, the Nezumi's size stands in direct contrast with its name; it can crush other vehicles under its tracks or feet.
Kintaro A hulking, converted construction mecha with amphibious capabilities, the axe wielding Kintaro is normally limited to melee range. However, it can launch its right hand as a deadly rocket to strike enemy vehicles and reel them in.
Sentai Command Mecha This enormous mecha serves as the Imperial assassination target, and is formed from the parts of several units. As its secondary, the Sentai can deliver a finishing blow to a target, dealing massive damage and copying the target's weapon for itself.

Construction Units Edit

(Produced at the Construction Yard)

Nanocore Nanocores are unconstrained by build radius, allowing the Empire to expand very rapidly. However, they are vulnerable when mobile or while deploying, allowing enemy forces to destroy them while they are like this.

Dedicated Aircraft Edit

Raijin X Ground Striker With tough armour, excellent speed and a powerful Wave-Force cannon, the Raijin is a deadly ground attack aircraft, though it is limited by a lack of anti-air weapons and a small ammunition reserve. Its secondary is to discharge its entire power reserves into a destructive energy blast, though this can only be done with full capacitors.
Fujin Variable Striker This large and heavy fighter carries a pair of missile arrays that allow it to shatter the skies with hundreds of micro-missiles. Though slow, it can ditch its missile arrays once they are spent to become a rapidly moving needle fighter capable of striking down foes with a kinetic burst autocannon. It can rearm its missile arrays at the Mobile Fortress.
Hachiman Aerial Transport A fairly well armoured rotorcraft, the Hachiman transports infantry and nanocores, and support them with its kinetic-burst door guns.
Masakari Drone Command Kept aloft by huge vector jets, this massive aircraft has a variety of drones; ground-attack drones with anti-tank plasma cutters, bomber drones for attacking buildings, and interceptor drones that engage fighters which stray too near. The Masakari also acts as a transport, with room for up to three Hanzo Z, Kitsune or Ikiryo mecha.

Watercraft Edit

Undergoing revisions

Yari Mini-Sub This mini-sub is armed with torpedoes, and can unleash a sonar pulse which reveals the surrounding area and any stealthed units.
Fukiya Hovercraft An anti-air/anti-surface missile launcher good for hunting light ships and aircraft, the Fukiya is speedy but fragile.
Naginata Cruiser This cruiser has a pair of torpedo tubes that can make quick work of ships or submarines, as well as a set of hidden torpedo tubes that fire in a fan shaped pattern.
Using its secondary, this anti-aircraft submarine can transform into a ground attack aircraft, and vice versa.
Wakizashi Sea Transport This transport can carry a single mecha or vehicle, and can also defend against airborne threats with its missile pods.
Shogun Battleship Completely defenceless against air attacks, this armoured battleship can bombard targets with its 400mm guns, or activate a shield and ram enemies to damage them.
Aerial Battleship Musashi Intended to plough straight into the enemy, the Musashi has enough firepower to take on an entire fleet on its own, as well as the capability to lift off into the air. This battleship’s vast arsenal lets it engage any enemy within reach, meaning that it cannot be destroyed by anything less than an equal deployment of brute force.

Protocols Edit

Instant Generator Edit

Bunraku Use it on an enemy infantry unit, which is actually a Bunraku android. You gain the line of sight of the unit, but since it believes itself to be an actual soldier you cannot control it.

Instant Dojo Edit

Spider Nest Spawns a bunch of Spider Holes which can take infantry inside and protect them, while being hard to detect and durable.

Infantry Base Edit

Speed Recon Select two points. A group of motorbikes zoom past those points, acting like a ground-based surveillence sweep.
Sleeper Ambush Already positioned and prepared Tank Busters emerge from the ground location of your choice and go tank hunting.
Motorization Target a group of infantry, those soldiers gain motor cycles to drive around the battlefield.

Support Airbase Edit

Final Squadron A squadron of suicide drones armed with kinetic weapons rushes into the enemy position while shooting everything they can.

Mecha Bay Edit

Hot Blooded Disabling all safety measures in their software, all affected mecha units gain speed, armour and attack power as they are slowly but steadily damaged.

Instant Garage Edit

Retreat Under Fire Sometimes running away like brave Samurai Robin is a valid tactic. This protocol increases the speed of friendly units in an area, but only while they are taking damage. Upgradable.
Sudden Dropoff A group of sudden transports suddenly shut off their mirage, and drop off imperial warriors in the area. The transports then recloak and disappear to get more troops, but you keep the infantry! Upgradeable, increases the number of transports and the type of units.

Nanotech Mainframe Edit

Balloon Bombs A couple of Bomb Balloons floats towards the designated area. Those Balloons can be directed where to hit and pack quite a punch.
No Barriers Drops a nanite slurry onto the battlefield. Interestingly, this slurry only eats at walls and wall obstacles (gates etc), making them crushable by any vehicle for a short time. Don't let walls get in the way of your ambush! Upgradeable, upgrades increase duration.

Nanoswarm Hive Edit

Point Defence Drones Special drones are sent out to protect your units from large quantities of damage before they fail function.

Empire of the Rising Sun Defence Forces

Italics designate Paradox-Exclusive units and structures.

Infantry Burst DroneImperial WarriorTankbusterMasamuneEngineerHolotree SniperShinobiAshigaru BombardierRocket AngelTsukumogami Proto-SuitBattle PsychicYuriko Omega
Vehicles MCVOre CollectorSudden TransportAuto GoTanuki Vector AssaultTsunami TankJishin Buster TankTedate ProjectorWave-Force ArtilleryIsha Vector Jet TankIzanagi Devastator Tank
Mecha Mecha Tengu/Jet TenguIkiryo Mini-MechaMecha Kitsune/Quad KitsuneStriker-VX/Chopper-VXHanzo ZSamehada Buster MechaKing OniMecha Nezumi/Tank NezumiKintaroSentai Command Mecha
Dedicated Aircraft Raijin X Ground StrikerFujin Variable StrikerHachiman Aerial TransportMasakari Drone Command
Watercraft Yari Mini-SubFukiya HovercraftNaginata CruiserSeawing/SkywingWakizashi Sea TransportShogun BattleshipAerial Battleship Musashi
Structures Construction YardInstant GeneratorInstant DojoInfantry BaseInstant ProcessorMecha BayInstant GarageIncredible Mobile Fortress TatsuSupport AirbaseInstant DocksNanotech MainframeNanoswarm HivePsionic Decimator
Construction Nanocore
Defences Fortress WallNanoscreen WallSecurity GateDefender VXTankbuster TurretDisassembler TowerNoise DetectorWave-Force TowerSpider Hole
Protocols Imperial Protocols
BunrakuSpider NestSpeed ReconSleeper AmbushMotorizationFinal SquadronHot BloodedRetreat Under FireSudden DropoffBalloon BombsNo BarriersPoint Defence Drones
Lore Units Archer MaidenSteel RoninGiga FortressShogun ExecutionerFloating Fortress
Technologies NanotechnologyWave-Force TechnologyPlasma-cutter TechnologyVector JetsKinetic-burst WeaponryPsionicsBreathable LiquidImperial Small Arms and Equipment
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