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  • Infantry Base: Scarecrow Surprise: Sets up a small group of dummies, disguised to look like Ashigaru Bombers. These scarecrows cannot move or attack, and are only as durable as an Ashigaru, but can distract the enemy as to where artillery support is coming from. Costs money to use.

May just be the decoy army from C&C3

  • Instant Garage: Just In Time Production: Build times reduced for units made in production structure during protocol length, but units come out with reduced health.

Health part is isn't really possible, but the rapid build time might work

  • Psionic Decimator: Robots in Disguise This protocol can any group of infantry into Hanzo Z(s) but the Hanzos only reveal themselves at completely random times.

Hanzo Zs are 20 feet tall, but this inspired something done to civilian cars'

  • Incredible Mobile Fortress Tatsu: Ties That Bind: Nanite-produced chains burst from the ground, trapping enemies that do not flee the area quickly enough. Units that are trapped can still fire, but cannot move. The chains will disappear after a while, though, as they are only fragile and hastily built. Upgradeable.


  • Nanotech Mainframe: Maintenance Drones: In a small area, units are buffed with Maintenance Drones which last for a minute. Units affected by them self-repair slowly (at the Heroic repair rate) and their special abilities with a cooldown recharge 150% faster.

Why not just fold this into the drone shields?


  • Instant Generator: Bunraku: an enemy unit you pick shares it's line of sight with you, as it's actually an Benraku android. Since the android truely believes it's a loyal soldier of whatever side it's on, you don't get to control it. Only one operational at a time.
  • Nanotech Mainframe: No Barriers: Drops a nanite slurry onto the battlefield. Interestingly, this slurry only eats at walls and wall obstacles (gates etc), making them crushable by any vehicle for a short time. Don't let walls get in the way of your ambush! Upgradeable, upgrades increase duration.
  • Instant Garage: Retreat Under Fire: Sometimes running away like brave Samurai Robin is a valid tactic. This protocol increases the speed of friendly units in an area, but only while they are taking damage.
  • Instant Garage: Sudden Dropoff: A group of sudden transports suddenly shut off their mirage, and drop off imperial warriors in the area. The transports then recloak and disappear to get more troops, but you keep the infantry! Upgradeable, increases the number of transports and the type of units.
  • Infantry Base: Speed Recon Select two points. A group of motorbikes zoom past those points, acting like a ground-based surveillence sweep.

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