Electrical Protectorate
The Electrical Protectorate Logo
Playstyle Attrition Warfare
Faction Colour Purple
Type Paradox Faction
Dev. Status Conceptualized

"Purple haze all around,
Don't know if I'm comin' up or down,
Am I happy or in misery?
Whatever it is, the world's turn'd to hell on me."

- "Purple Haze" by Jimi Hendrix

The Electrical Protectorate Infinite Army, also known as the EP, is a new faction exclusive to Red Alert 3 Paradox, designed by Open sketchbook, Ferriswheel42 and Kerensky287. They feature instant-build units and structures in order to promote spam tactics.

At a Glance[edit | edit source]

Faction Color Purple.
Playstyle Attrition warfare.
Preferred Theatre of Operations Open terrain
Strengths Instant build times, dirt cheap units, decent damage, flexible weapons system, ability to recycle enemy and friendly losses, invalidates traditional counters, dubstep.
Weaknesses Do not gain experience, units have almost no health, economy dependant on destroying enemy assets, no base defenses, extremely vulnerable to area of effect weapons.
Intended Players Rushers/Blizzard RTS players.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Experiment[edit | edit source]

Electrical Protectorate Diplomatic Relations
Faction Relationship
AlliedLogoThumb.png Allied Nations IconHostile.png Hostile
ConfederateLogoThumb.png Confederate Revolutionaries IconHostile.png Hostile
SovietLogoThumb.png Soviet Union IconHostile.png Hostile
EmpireLogoThumb.png Empire of the Rising Sun IconHostile.png Hostile
TalonLogoThumb.png Order of the Talon IconUnknown.png Unknown
ChinaLogoThumb.png Atomic Kingdom of China IconHostile.png Hostile
SyndicateLogoThumb.png Mediterranean Syndicate IconHostile.png Hostile
ProtectorateLogoThumb.png Electrical Protectorate

"The only flaw in Communism is the human flaw. That has been corrected."

- Attributed to Jacob

The story behind the Protectorate starts with the Empire of the Rising Sun. During the development of their trademark nanotechnology, the Empire conducted hundreds of experiments in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence in order to seek new ways to reinforce their armies. Unfortunately, one of their largest research laboratories was compromised in a massive-scale security malfunction, and much of the experimental technology was lost. The scientists were able to rebuild and move on, but they never sought to recover their lost technology.

While World War III was taking place, the experimental technology began to take in its surroundings and formed a colony of independent artificial intelligence systems. They observed from afar the techniques that the major factions were using in their great war, and discovered the limitless possibilities that the Earth's ore possessed. What happened next was the emergence of a massive society of autonomous robots created nearly instantly by crude construction factories. At the centre of it all lay the Core Mind Collective, the original group of AI systems.

Through all the advancements, the Core Mind Collective kept analyzing the world, becoming highly sentient beings while keeping their distance from humanity. Ultimately, there came a point where they came to an existential dilemma: They existed in a world that was doomed, and their existence was coincidental. As the Collective continued to mull this over, they fell into a downward spiral, eventually shutting down all systems and production facilities before the close of World War III.

The Resurrection[edit | edit source]

Electrical Protectorate Minor Diplomatic Relations
Faction Relationship
ARVNLogoThumb.png Army of the Republic of Vietnam IconHostile.png Hostile
ReserveLogoThumb.png Allied Reservists IconHostile.png Hostile
BlueChinaLogoThumb.png National Revolutionary Army IconHostile.png Hostile
VietcongLogoThumb.png Vietcong IconHostile.png Hostile
RedChinaLogoThumb.png Communist China IconHostile.png Hostile
GLALogoThumb.png Global Liberation Army IconHostile.png Hostile
IntIncLogoThumb.png International Inc IconHostile.png Hostile
IconUnknown.png Unknown

None shall survive us.

After some time, a Soviet advisor named Jacob escaped from an Allied POW camp and wandered into the Siberian wasteland. There, he encountered the defunct robot army and grew interested. Eventually he came to the East coast of Asia, where he stole a submarine to find the source. In a dark underwater cave, he discovered the Core Mind Collective, who probed him with questions. Over the course of a few weeks, Jacob told the Collective about the "pure state" of the universe, and how they were going to attain it. Refuelled with purpose, the machines began to hum again, and the army came to life. They retitled themselves the Electrical Protectorate, with Jacob as their leader. Now the army stands poised to strike back at the world, and to attain the "pure state" by any means necessary.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The Electrical Protectorate is unique in that they are composed solely of robots and machines. Most of the combat units have special domed "heads" through which they trade information with the Core Mind Collective. They use the hexadecimal numerical system for all their major transmissions.

Features[edit | edit source]

The Rust[edit | edit source]

Protectorate structures must be built on the Rust, which is a cloud of nanites and ground circuitry that is required to make Protectorate structures function. Spreading the Rust is vital to expanding. While in the Rust, Protectorate units regenerate health; if the Rust is destroyed, then Protectorate structures are shut down and slowly take damage. Structures inside the Rust are infected and will automatically clear hostile garrisons.

Swarms[edit | edit source]

Swarms are clusters of nanites generated by the Singularity Core. They are free and automatically replaced if lost or used. Swarms can be used up to create weapon modules, Malacostraca, Nightmares, Technics, or Effigies. First, you select the Swarm and use its ability to convert them to a miniature shell. Then, you select the shell, and purchase the unit you wish the Swarm to become. A short while later, the unit in question will emerge from the shell.

Build Mechanic[edit | edit source]

Technics, your builder unit, build 3x3 shells, which are then upgraded to the structure of your choosing by selecting the shell, and then selecting the desired building from the menu.

Modules[edit | edit source]

Protectorate Units begin life without weapons. A module provides these troops with weapons. When a module is activated, it destroys itself and gives all units in a large radius around it the weapon or ability associated with it.

Unit Levels[edit | edit source]

Protectorate units come in two flavours, low level and high level. Low level units are very cheap and extremely easy to swarm, while high level units are more expensive but much more effective. While low level units cannot be expected to carry a fight on their own, their bulk and processing power help to give the larger machines a fighting chance. All low-level Protectorate units have a small black hole effect radius to protect larger machines, and each one near a high level unit will slightly buff them (as you might imagine, this adds up very quickly!)

Experience[edit | edit source]

As machines operated remotely, Protectorate units do not gain experience, cannot be promoted, and cannot acquire heroic upgrades.

Units and Structures[edit | edit source]

"Tell me, comrade, what do you think is power? An Apocalypse tank? A dozen Apocalypse tanks? Such a display of force might seem mighty to you, but it would be worthless in the face of this enemy. How can one defeat an enemy like this, when, for every foe that is slain, ten more rise to take its place? Individually, they are weak--but they come at you without cease, and they will not stop until you are exhausted, defeated, crushed. I know this to be true, because I have seen them. You doubt the truth in my words, because you have not seen them. Go ahead and classify the audio recordings and the transcripts--it will not make my statements any less true or any more false. I will tell you this now; defeat is inevitable; the Soviet Union cannot win; the Allied Nations cannot win. In the end, it is not a matter of if; only a matter of when."

- Classified audio excerpt from the interrogation of Captain Vanya Petrovsky

Buildings[edit | edit source]

Singularity Core The Singularity Core acts as a combined Construction Yard, resource centre and power plant, as well as providing the initial Rust for you to build on. It automatically produces Swarms, which can be turned into all the basic forces you require to get started. Detonates with powerful force if destroyed. The Singularity Core can be upgraded to provide more power and support more Swarms. New Singularity Cores can only be acquired via the Repurposing Protocol used to convert Technics to Core Carriers.
Disassembler The Disassembler must be placed on the Rust like all buildings, but spreads the Rust further in a sizeable radius.
Artificer The Artificer creates cheap units, and changes depending on where you place it. On land it makes low level land and air units, and on water it creates low level sea and air vehicles.
Foundry The Foundry creates more expensive units, and changes depending on where you place it. On land it makes high level land and air units, and on water it creates high level sea and air vehicles.
Incubator Releases Venus, the most powerful commando unit in the game!
Tech Upgrades 1-6 Each of these buildings contains a menu with several optional technologies to unlock, which will give you access to certain protocols, upgrades, units, or abilities. You can only choose one per structure, so you will need a lot of them to fully take advantage of the Protectorate's abilities.
Summoner The EP superweapon, slowly constructs (draws forth?) the Icon.

Sub-UnitThe Icon - A dread and terrible being from beyond the stars bound to a frame of metal, the Icon represents horrors that man was never intended to know. Its true name an unpronounceable and impossible sound, the Icon is a power not even the Protectorate truly understand, but its power cannot be underestimated; with its myriad of attachments it will destroy, engulf or otherwise eliminate any enemy. Anything that comes close to this abomination dies, even other Electrical Protectorate units. Nothing short of a massive artillery barrage or another superweapon will defeat the Icon, and even then it does not die; merely returning to its dreamless slumber until roused again to bring misery and death to the foe.

Swarm[edit | edit source]

Malacostraca A crablike scout robot, the Malacostraca can kill with a swipe of a claw. Their secondary fire transforms them into small buggy-like vehicles that move very quickly to better facilitate their scouting role.
Technic Floating machines with a one track mind, the Technic scour the battlefield looking for useful materials to process, such as wreckage. It also builds the shells that form the basis for Protectorate bases, and is the engineer unit for the Protectorate.
Nightmares The Nightmare cuts down enemy sight radius, but cannot attack. Their ability to teleport lends them a great deal of tactical flexibility.
Effigy Vaguely humanoid, these nanite blobs can leap into enemy vehicles like a terror drone; after destroying their targets, they convert the target's matter into another Effigy. In addition, they are almost completely immune to conventional anti-infantry weapons, but are easily killed by explosives. They seem to be the Protectorate's infiltrators, as well, disguising themselves after the infantry they kill.

Modules[edit | edit source]

Conventional These simple, low damage weapons aren't fancy, but are better than nothing.
Gatling Automatics Consisting of a set of rotating conventional weapons, Gatling Automatics are the go-to for anti-infantry work.
Retrospectrum Pulsar Using a coherent perfect absorber, the retrospectrum pulsar absorbs energy in the target, snap-freezing the impact zone to absolute zero. This is understandably devastating to armour, and may cause other freezing effects.
Quantum Disentangler This weapon pulls matter apart at an extremely basic level by expanding that which is hidden in string dimensions. This sudden explosion of the M-brane effects large areas in startling ways.
Potassium K-Rounds These burning bolts are brilliant against light armour, and have a tendency to react explosively with water.
Basilisk Module These audiovisual weapons stun, disorient, and otherwise disrupt the enemy.
Support Module The support functions offered by the Support Module are myriad indeed. Experiment to discover their full potential!
Fractal Module These bizzarre, physics-defying weapons spread as they fire, so it does more damage at close range, but splashes over a wider area the further away it is from the target. Easily the most powerful module, Fractal weapons do devastating damage to all targets.

Special Infantry[edit | edit source]

Venus Venus is the name of a mysterious female individual seen in the ranks of the Protectorate's armies. Though she appears as a young woman, under her skin is a skeleton of impossibly tough steel. With extremely high defences, she is almost invincible in a conventional sense; if that wasn't enough, she always seems to possess the weapon for the task.

Armed with a strange transforming weapon, she always fires the optimal munitions for the intended target. She seems to be able to blend in with her foe as well, as she may possess a layer of nanites under her skin to shape herself into any disguise. In the unlikely event that her outer layer is removed by enemy weapons, it is rumoured she may become even more deadly.

Low Level Units[edit | edit source]

Aggressors The basic warriors of the Protectorate, Aggressors are incredibly cheap and expendable mechanical soldiers. Coming in squads of six, they do pitiful damage but can come in such massive hordes that they can drown any force in numbers. Due to modules, they can be equipped to fight any foe. Their ability to bury themselves inside the Rust to conceal their numbers and make themselves immune to harm allows you to easily build large forces of them, then reveal themselves when the time is right.
Tracers These walking anti-air platforms are little more than guns with legs. Due to their extreme overspecialization they are almost blind, relying on other machines to guide and protect them, but they deal a great deal of anti-air damage.
Seekers Tiny mines that scurry on robotic fingers, Seeker Swarms scurry about the feet of larger machines. Without modules, they can just slow down enemy forces, but with them they become explosive surprises that can wreck havoc on an unsuspecting foe.
Reflex Light Tank The Reflex is a cheap and numerous light tank that uses a light turret mounted module weapon against enemy vehicles. Best used in a large swarm, the Reflex is lucky if it can defeat a Beagle Light Tank, but is so cheap that it rarely matters. Their ability to load and fire Aggressors, Swarms, and Seekers as simple artillery gives them a lot of flexibility.
Equalizer AA Tank These light anti-air artillery units are required to provide overhead AA support; they don't do as much damage as Tracers, but they move faster. Their ability to prevent enemy units from escaping with their paralyser is also useful.
Screamer Jet These sleek looking jets carry a Basilisk audio pattern in their very engine noise, allowing them to spread discord (and negative cover) just by flying over. In numbers, their anti-air power is unmatched, as is their ability to lock onto enemy units with a nanite cord to drag the enemy down to earth!
Locust Gunship These light support vehicles hover ominously over the battlefield, supporting Protectorate troops with module weapons and dropping beacons which disrupt enemy communications and radar in the area.
Gremlins Fast, tiny, and over-eager to cause some mayhem, Gremlins are the Aggressor principle applied to air superiority fighters. They are best used in dense formations. If several Gremlins are presented with a priority target, they can latch themselves onto it and bring it down with a collective EMP charge.
Aggravator Leaping Sub These subs are unique for their ability to leap out of the water onto land, becoming passable, if slow, land combat machines. On the sea, these turreted machines are good all-rounders that bulk out the Protectorate navy.
Undertow AA Sub The Undertow's ability to force subs to remain submerged and unable to attack is matched by its ability to transport heavy AA firepower to any location that requires it.
Mitosis Sub With a split prow and an abundance of nanites, the Mitosis Sub can consume enemy units and multiply itself. This self-replication ability means that they can quickly multiply in number, making their ability to self-destruct for their full value immensely useful.

High Level Units[edit | edit source]

Exterminators These elite infantry are extremely hard to kill and carry potent weapons. Their ability to elevate themselves over cliffs or walls is also an asset.
Extinctors Protectorate snipers, they look just like an Aggressor until they take their shot. Extremely good at killing meatbags, their ability to hijack vehicles for the Protectorate cause cannot be underestimated.
Hunter-Killer Towering vehicles with two individually articulated guns and built-in target tracking, Hunter-Killers will automatically spread their fire over multiple units, making them great against larger numbers of foes. Their ability to fire over obstacles is valuable, as is their ability to flush enemies out of structures with psychological warfare tactics.
Executor Tripletank The massive rotating guns of the Executor makes it ideal for tearing into single targets, especially considering its ability to forcefully incorporate enemy vehicles into its own form.
Obliterator Superheavy Artillery The largest and most powerful weapon at the Protectorate's disposal, these huge, slab-like vehicles carry weapons larger than some armoured vehicles, which can pound enemies into the dirt. Even aircraft are not spared its attention, providing it is aware of their presence.
Interdictor Air Destroyer An airship slightly larger than a fighter, the Interdictor is equipped with four independent module turrets that can only engage air units, and also has the ability to forcefully incorporate enemy aircraft into its own form in order to increase its speed and rate of fire.
Devastator Air Battleship A huge floating unit with many turrets, the Devastator's many guns give it a huge number of potential lethal targets. Though less well protected than other superheavy aircraft like the Kirov and the Defiance Flying Junk, it has the ability to bring all its guns to bear on a single target, the effect of which is best left to the imagination.
Behemoth Aerial Carrier The Behemoth's ability to transport massive numbers of Protectorate units make it very useful for adding tactical flexibility to a Protectorate force.
Kraken Let no joyous voice be heard! The Kraken is a mechanical nightmare that will pull ships under the sea with casual ease, and can even reach out and snag enemies that stray too close to shore!
Eviscerator Submarine A horrifying demonstration of Electrical Protectorate sea power, the Eviscerator has the ability to cut the supports of floating structures, leaving them to sink to the bottom of the sea.
Eradicator Battlesub A heavy artillery unit combined with a submarine chassis, the Eradicator can wipe out even the most stubborn enemy resistance, on land or sea, with its immensely destructive Singularity Projector.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

  • The Protectorate takes inspiration from the Zerg of Starcraft; spammy spammy units, the Rust and Swarms, anyone?
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