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An article about the correct writing/formatting of articles.

As the title implies, these are guide lines and their main purpose is to help the correct formatting on the Wiki so it gains a coherent look. Correct spelling and grammar are still the duty of the writer/editor.

You can see the model format here.

How to make an article Edit

If you wish to make a new article, type your prefered name into the "Search" field to the left, then click on the red link above: "You searched for -article name here-".

Correct Formatting Edit

Bold, italic and quotations Edit

A common source of mistakes is the (in-)correct usage of bold, italic and quotation marks.

  • Bold, '''your text here''' is used to highlight important aspects.
  • Examples:
- A unit name like Athena Cannon in an article. Do note this is first time only.
- Tags for the tactical analysis.
  • Italic, ''your text here'' is used for personal names or designations. This is usually used in unit headers when the system has a specific name. Italic is always used together with quotation marks.
  • "Quotation Marks" are used in the same vein like italic and are always used together with it.
  • Examples:
- "Tripod" Spectrum Designator

Article parts Edit

As this article itself already demonstrates, articles are usually made into multiple parts with their own head lines. This helps both the overview and the editing, because users can edit parts of a page without the need to always edit the entire page.

There are four different types of this, continously making the font smaller to show significance of a head line. Do note the spaces around between the texts and the "=". These spaces are not necesarry for function but look better when editing. (Examples are under each paragraph.)

= The big head line = This one is seldomly used because it is pretty fat big and when it is, this is usually to part a page into very very big parts.

Looks Like ThisEdit

== The normal head line == This one is used pretty much everywhere. This is the standard head line for unit page parts as seen on Unit Profile Model Format.

Looks Like ThisEdit

=== The small head line === When a page has multiple similar units, for example Beagle Light Tank, the units use the == Text == head lines (except when a major faction unit, then they use none at all) and all subsequent bullet points of the various units use the === Text === head line.

Looks Like ThisEdit

==== The tiny head line ==== As seldomly used as the big head line, this one is used when even a small head line is not enough to part a sub article enough.

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